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Top 7 SciFi settings I’d like to live in

December 14th, 2009 by Timo Vuorensola


Filmmakers are not the most positive bunch when it comes to future. The visions of tomorrow are rarely too encouraging – usually, it’s just death and oppressin waiting for us.

But not always! Every now and then, a sci-fi film comes up with a world to come that’s almost beararble.


Zombie Room takes a look at the top-7 most promising days after tomorrow. Enjoy.



You know Second Life? Yeah, it’s the hyped application where you are able to create your “second life” – you know, own a home, look cool, have actual friends and have no bad hair days. The only thing is that uh… Second Life sucks the shit out of your ass through your mouth – it’s ugly, it’s slow and it’s the birth place of the saddest Internet phenomenon out there: Second Life sex.

Can’t beat the SL Sex

In Vanilla Sky future – it’s all happening. And the girls… they are not just any random pixel lumps, but look amazingly like Penelope Cruz or Cameron Diaz.

But in real life, we still have few miles to go…



Hoverboards. Do I need to say more?

I do? Well, one-size-shrinks-to-fit-all -jackets!



In the future, there’s no crime – and even those who are planning to do them, get their asses kicked by Tom Cruise and his special pre-crime unit. But what’s even cooler is that in the future we go back to the times when working on computers actually felt like something. Instead of your boring old mactop, you need a huge room with a screen the size of a small movie theater, special gloves to operate it – and a physique of a sports hero to use things like the Internet. In Minority Report’s future, there’s no more fat nerds rotting away in their mom’s basements – these guys and girls are out on the squash range to be in enough good shape for some serious Googling.

Nerds of the Minority Report future stay fit.



Imagine this: no more Big Brother. No more The Bold and the Beautiful. No more crappy talent shows and no more Survivor – everything is made obsolete by the biggest reality TV show ever – The Truman Show. And what’s even better: instead of you hoping every day you pass a newspaper stand that these clowns on Big Brother, Talent and Idols would get in the same car and drive off the cliff, dying a quick but an extremely painful death – you’d actually care about the main guy! The world would be again a bit nicer place to live, and everybody wins.

Ok, it might not be the most ethical thing – but all we’re asking for is a bit of sacrifice to keep the rest of the world is happily sedated.



In Duncan JonesMoon, everything is just fine. The world’s energy crisis has been solved: we’ve finally established a Helium-3 mining station on the Moon, so no oil or nuclear energy problems anymore!

Helium-3 is an extremely powerful source of energy which we don’t have too much on Earth, but Moon (supposedly) has quite a lot of it. And what’s even better, it only takes one guy to take care of the whole operation. It’s not like he’s going to start rebelling against Earth or anything, he’s pretty much stuck there – and even finding a replacement for him once things go wrong isn’t a problem, thanks to our friend, technology!

Again – it only takes a little bit of unselfish scarification. Come on, you can give that much to your community, right?



One thing we all hate is cleaning up the mess we make. Now, in the perfect future, there would be robots to do that for you, right? In the Wall-E future, we would get on a huge spaceship travelling away from Earth – and we’d had to do absolutely nothing in order to survive. Just sit down, chat with our mates and let the ship take care of every need we come up with.


And yeah, we’d be coming back to Earth one day, once the mess we made was cleaned up. And next time, we didn’t have to worry so much about things like environment etc. – the ship would stay there, so if everything would go to hell again, we could just jump onboard and come a back a few hundred years later!



If ignorance is bliss – then Idiocracy is the ultimate utopia. In this future scenario, created by Mike Judge (of Beavis and Butt-Head fame) claiming aloud that your highest principles in life are sex and money is OK – actually, it’s considered as a damn philosophical statement! Ok, the world might be going to hell, and yeah, maybe watering your plantations with Gatorade is not the best idea out there – but hell, travelling in time there with your current brain capacity – which we both know is not much – you’d still be the combination between Einstein, Sun Tzu and Aristoteles.

(Via Zombie Room)

It was a hot, slow day in the Shire, and my office was filled with the sound of nothing happening.

December 11th, 2009 by Antti Hukkanen

A number of things occurred to me recently. For one, next week it will be eight years since Peter Jackson’s first Lord of the Rings film came out (and seven and six years since the second and third ones, respectively). Second, the 25th would be Humphrey Bogart’s 110th birthday, were he still alive. Also, apparently writing commenced on what would eventually form the novel Lord of the Rings in December, 1937; we recently covered a “retro-reimagining” of Matrix; and not long before that, the “pre-made” Raiders of the Lost Ark trailer gained considerable popularity at the offices. (How’s that for a strained lead-in?)
With all that in mind, I thought this a perfect moment to feature something that combines two things rather close to my heart… film noir and Lord of the Rings. What if the complications in getting his novel published had led the frustrated Prof Tolkien to offer his text to Hollywood instead?

As usual, Gollum takes the cake as the most memorable character, even though he’s up against some pretty tough competition here… including Bogie and even Godzilla!

Two of a Kind – the mystery of the Norwegian wormhole

December 10th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala
Two of a kind: Norwegian Spiral UFO & Fukov's Maggot Hole

Two of a kind: Norwegian Spiral UFO & Fukov's Maggot Hole

Yesterday morning a glowing, rotating spiral appeared in the skies above Norway. End of the world conspiracy theorists suspect a black hole caused by the LHC in Switzerland (Norway is “close enough” they say), new age conspiracy theorists think it was a spaceship from the galactic Federation of Light. In the scientific circles (and even more literally on betting sites) the money is on it being a failed Russian missile experiment.

At the time of the press we were unable to reach commander Treholt of the Norwegian Ninja Force for a comment.

All we know is, it looks just like the maggot hole Fukov discovered in Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning.

Iron Sky offices – as seen by Timo’s phone.

December 8th, 2009 by Jarmo Puskala


What’s been happening in Helsinki is a lot of storyboarding. Then some of the most difficult scenes have been turned into animatics, or crude 3D scenes where you can test camera movements etc. And of course the storyboardskeep changing, because it’s always a process. Meanwhile back in Tampere Jussi is doing production design ie. planning all the Nazi spacecraft, interiors etc.

The Storyboarding Cave (where the feared storyboarding troll is rumored to live...)

Iron Sky storyboarding at the Helsinki offices

Iron Sky design at the Helsinki offices

Budget meetings

There are a lot of these. And they’re not that interesting to talk about. Or take pictures of. Unless someone breaks a chair.

Iron Sky budget meeting in Helsinki

Iron Sky Budget meeting in Berlin

One is a budget meeting in Helsinki, another a budget meeting in Berlin. Turns out budget meetings look exactly the same in both countries!

Living on the edge

Samuli doing some network troubleshooting at the Tampere offices

Samuli doing some network troubleshooting at the Tampere offices. What might look like chaos is actually a well organised storage unit for high-quality network cables.


Iron Sky costume department

Near the Helsinki offices the costume department is stepping into gear with costume designer Jake Collier.

Location scouting

Iron Sky location scouting in the tunnels beneath Berlin

Meanwhile in Germany the set design is getting into full swing. To complement the built sets we’ll be using both virtual sets and location shooting. That means a lot of time spent location scouting in damp tunnels and abandoned factories in Berlin and Frankfurt. It’s wellw orth it though, since some of the places are absolutely awesome.