How often should you post on Facebook?

February 23rd, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala
How often should you post updates on Facebook?

How often should you post updates on Facebook?

Facebook has become the place where many people spend most of their online time. And it’s way more personal place than say, MySpace. Because of this I think it really does matter how often fan pages post updates. If it’s too often it can get annoying. But how often should you update? In the spirit of democracy we asked fans of Iron Sky how often they’d like to see updates on from us.

167 people responded. Turns out almost half thought once a week is good. While 18% would like daily updates only 5% would like to see several updates a day.

That said, social media is not about doing it by numbers. That means we’ll still post updates when we’ve got something to say, even if it’s more often than once a week. But now I can stop worrying if Facebook should be updated as ofen as Twitter – it shouldn’t.

On a larger scale, this is just a small poll and you shouldn’t read too much into it. But what I think is safe to say is that you shouldn’t syndicate all your Twitter updates to your Facebook page. The two services are used differently and need to be treated as such.

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