Watch the Oscars with us!

March 3rd, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala

Right now tanker trucks filled with Botox are running 24/7 to LA to make sure all the important people are wrinkle free next Sunday, for the 82nd Academy Awards.

The Iron Sky gang will still be in Finland, so thankfully we are not required to paralyze our faces. But we’ll be watching. It doesn’t matter how many Botox jokes I make, Oscars are still the highlight of the film year and absolutely unmissable. Especially with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin hosting the gala.

Thanks to the miracle of time zones the Oscar gala starts at 3AM monday here in Finland. But we’ll be staying up late to watch the Oscars. Our director Timo will be on TV commenting the gala live on Nelonen.

I’ll be on a comfy sofa at home, chatting about the Oscars on Twitter and IRC. Timo will try and join the Tweeting as well. So follow @Energia and @LeonBlank.

If you don’t use Twitter programs I’ll make a blog post on Oscar night and add streams of our tweets and the general Oscar discussions.

See you sunday!

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3 Responses to “Watch the Oscars with us!”

  1. OlliS says:

    I was telling Timo we could decide on a hashtag beforehand. #oscarfin #oscars4 or something like that?

  2. Kinda like the sound of #oscarfin or #oscarfi

  3. Kris says: