Tell Us About Sci-Fi Blogs – Win Iron Sky Merchandise!

March 16th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

We in the Iron Sky project are very active net users, and in addition to Twitter, Facebook and other social media we are very interested in good old blogs. When it comes to Iron Sky as a movie project, we’d like to reach out to more scifi, movie and fandom bloggers all around the world in the form of official press releases, a little less official new info about the movie, competitions and so on.

Flaming sun

The problem is how to find the biggest and the best movie or scifi blogs in non-English speaking areas of the world. Our solution to this is to make a little competition about it, and here’s how it goes:

Tell us about your favourite blog about movies, science fiction, technology or general geekery you think would be interested in news about a project like Iron Sky. We are especially interested in blogs from the non-English speaking areas of the world, but feel free to suggest us blogs in English too. The main content of the blog should be about movies, scifi or such.

The competition will run ’till the 31th of March. From everybody who has suggested a blog we will randomly choose three winners, who will be rewarded Iron Sky merchandise for their efforts (dog tags, posters & such). Also, from all the blogs that were recommended we will choose one, who will get an exclusive video interview from Timo and Samuli! The blogger can send us the questions, and we will film and edit the interview so it’s ready to be published!

This is a great chance for you to get more visibility for your favourite blog and to help us get out the word about Iron Sky!

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3 Responses to “Tell Us About Sci-Fi Blogs – Win Iron Sky Merchandise!”

  1. Hi! Nice competition, just sent my blog in. I’m totally looking forward to Iron Sky!

  2. Sean R. Meaney says:

    So waiting on iron Sky.

  3. Hey Great post found it on Google. Check out my Blog Thanks!!