Moon Nazi Invasion Begins – First Shots Fired!

March 24th, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala

Yesterday in Tampere we filmed the first shots of Iron Sky that will end up in the actual film. No, this wasn’t the start of the main shoots, that is still in the future. This was one day spent in front of the green screen shooting marching Moon Nazi troops and other material. We will use these shots to determine the final look, feel and mood of the movie and to iron out the kinks of our effects and CGI workflow. You’ll get to see the shots in the film and we hope we can show you something more before the summer as well.

We started the process on Monday with shopping. We needed a bit of rough concrete for the Space Nazis to walk on. So our production manager Tarja Jakunaho led us to a hardware store to find the best (and cheapest) way to fake a slab of concrete.

They look amazingly real through the camera. We’re kind of thinking of using the “concrete” blocks as a dividers in the office…

Tuesday we headed out to a building that used to be a electronics store and probably some sort of a factory before that. There was renovation going on on the other side of the hall, but since we didn’t need to record any on-set audio this time we were able to set up the greenscreen on the other end of the building. Iron Sky’s cinematographer Mika Orasmaa was behind the camera working with camera and lighting team from Obscure Entertainment.

The stars of the shoot were the costumes, made by our costume department headed by Jake Collier, who has worked on project such as Australia, The Pacific and of course the cult sci-fi series Farscape.

These are the suits of the “modern” Nazi troopers. Compared to the bulky spacesuit of the 1940′s Nazi astronaut in the teaser they’ve come a long way. While the outer layer of clothing is very traditional uniform, underneath they wear a new type of skintight spacesuit. This means the space troopers have far greater mobility than the current designs would allow. And yeah, there is a rationale for the leather straps.


The shoot itself was quite simple – it get’s a bit more complicated in post production when the three marching troopers are cloned into a small army. Still, it’s not easy to goose step in perfect unison when you’re wearing a gas mask, but after a bit of coaching our extras did really well.

Space Nazis in Aamulehti

The title is: Space Nazis attacked Lielahti.

We also had a couple of reporters come see the shoot, both from paper press and the radio. Turns out we managed to invade most of the front page of Aamulehti, the second largest newspaper in Finland, with a huge pic of space nazis! You can read the article here, it’s in Finnish but there are some photos worth checking for.

Things are picking up speed and it’s time for the CGI department to get busy with the new materials. If you want to help us on our task, remember to Demand to See Iron Sky, and link our demand site and teaser video to your pals, acquaintances and your movie minded enemies. This stuff really helps us, since the more we can show people are interested in Iron Sky, the better standing we have with the distributors, funders and other such elements of the business side of movies!

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41 Responses to “Moon Nazi Invasion Begins – First Shots Fired!”

  1. Jonny Caldwell says:

    Those costumes look fantastic!

    I can’t wait to see a graded shot of them.

  2. Jens Mustonen says:

    Simply Awesome.

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  4. Angela says:

    Astonishing costumes… and cool Great Dictator photo. Wonder if such a scene will be in the movie, too? :P

  5. KR says:

    Fantastic costumes!
    It looks perfect!

    so, heheeh is it possible to buy the costumes afther the movie is done? atlest the mask?:D

  6. Jalopeura says:

    Loving the costumes! Amazing! Can I get one of those after the film is shot? ;D

  7. Andy says:

    Superb costumes…..can’t wait!

  8. Max Fun says:

    Looks really good!

    Rock on, wreckies!!

  9. Thanks, everyone! Good to hear you’re diggin’ it, I’m actually quite pleased with the outcome of the costume, too! Jake’s the man – not to forget the whole costume team workin’ with him.

    As for selling the costumes – we’ll see!

  10. Ukko says:

    Great looking stuff and the Aamulehti front page looks awazoma! Best of luck for the shoot, keep those schedules airtight and you’ll rock the film world (once again!).

  11. Vincenzo Romano says:

    Let me know whether you’ll need help in the transaltion to Italian …

  12. jw says:

    Allways great to see how things are going forward!

    As I recall you´re producing fx with British company.

    How you´re going to accomplish post-production? I remember seeing in Iron Sky Signal (can´t remember which) on computer screen folder list of models: Earth Fleet etc. Are you going to design and maybe do shots and then leave raw rendering for this other company or are they going to have more independent role. Will you have some of you as a fx supervisor looking over work of Brits? Or how you have thought things out?

  13. jw says:

    Now I got prove

  14. hehe. Its cool to see the Earth ball and the bubble wall in the first picture. Science fiction movie shot in a upcoming Science museum (This is the location for Discovery Museum of Tampere that’s opening on April9):) One of Iron Sky’s fans who also knows about the museum called and told us about this picture…

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  16. Sheela: Yeah. The Earth ball was just impossible to resist, since we’re kind of huge fans of Chaplin’s Great Dictator… But we were gentle with it :)

  17. Aki says:

    What kind of camera were you using? RED?

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  19. Arto says:

    I think the red is the only way nowadays? Btw, those costumes are pure awesomenes!

  20. Aki: We’re using RED, yes.

  21. PaulZy says:

    Even though you don’t have big budget, those CGIs look promising, top quality considering your budget.
    And costumes are also great.

  22. H. Olrik DeVore says:

    Yes, those costumes are great but I would consider using other weapons for the stormtroopers besides the MP-40 which was an early WW-2 weapon. Why not Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifles or better yet the FG-42 with optical sights that really looks like some sort of space weapon…

  23. Enorym says:

    I cant wait to see some footage this is great. Im glad to see this is going to get produced faster than expected.

  24. Fabio Henrique says:

    Awesome Guys! Loved the costumes!
    I have to agree with Olrik DeVore. The nazis developed an advanced spacesuit but are still using mp-40s?

    It would be nice to try to mix some of the features and design of the WWII weapons with some modern weapons that we see nowadays.

    Still, very good job guys!
    Cheers from Brazil!

  25. jts says:

    Machine pistols in a vacuum enviroment?

  26. Jim Copeland says:

    This will definitely be a fun film to watch. I only wish I could volunteer myself to serve as an extra moon nazi !

  27. IronVermin says:

    Oh my God…The costumes are glorious! Mother Nature just pissed on her pant-suit!

    I can’t wait!

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  29. [...] first footage of Iron Sky has been released! If you follow our blog, you might remember that we had one shooting day in the city of Tampere in March. We filmed some footage which we used to test out our workflow [...]

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  32. Luther says:

    Very nice work! I’m not sure I agree with the ‘wrong type of guns’ comments. Artistic vision and sensibility overriding technical ‘correctness’ is always good in my book; the costumes look solid and convey the image they have to as it is.

  33. RexVonKostia says:

    I would like this costume to play soft-air. why do not you sell it?

  34. Well, we need to shoot a film first. Maybe then :)

  35. Richard Raja-aho says:

    Interesting thing about the earth ball in that picture- it survived really well in the hands of the space nazis, when they were there at the museum, but it didn’t take too many weeks of rough play from the kids to all but destroy it – what does that say about the prospects for a bright future?! however we did manage keep it going, thanks to the power of cheap bicycle puncture repair kits. if only that was going to work on the real thing….. ;-)

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