Ever Wondered What a Nazi UFO Cockpit Looks Like?

April 1st, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

Yesterday we were getting close to reaching 10 000 fans on our Facebook page and decided to make a challenge out of it: get our fan count to roll over to five figures before the turn of the month and we’ll publish a piece of hitherto unseen concept art.

Our fans came through – as we knew you would! – so here we go: this is what a Nazi UFO cockpit looks like!

Concept Art: Nazi Scoutship Interior

A lot of thought has gone to figuring out how the Moon Nazi technology looks like. The easy solution would have been to follow the current scifi trend of holodisplays and whatnot, but frankly, it wouldn’t have been that interesting or made any sense. We’ve done a lot of research on the Nazi UFO conspiracy theories and came up with the following guideline: 1945 technology – perfected. Also, for the Nazi UFO aficionados out there: there is an instrument from a “genuine” Nazi UFO in there – can you spot it?

Anyway, feel free to post this to your favourite forum or blog, and throw in our teaser and a link to Demand to See Iron Sky for good measure!

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31 Responses to “Ever Wondered What a Nazi UFO Cockpit Looks Like?”

  1. jaeger says:

    What kind of physics your ships will follow? Scifi or more realistic style.

  2. A. Nonymis says:

    Might be good to add optional red lighting, to preserve dark-vision in the bleak blackness of space…
    Other than that it looks just like the real thing! (You been hanging out near Dulce?)

  3. Andrea says:

    This is looking very good.

    A bit of steampunk there I think.

    I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. Kurt says:

    On the left hand window ( I’m guessing that would be the command side of the craft? ),that looks like an authentic REVI sight for the ( hypothetical ) weapons system.

    Is that the authentic artifact you speak of?

    By the way-everything I’ve seen thus far looks great. I DEMAND to see Iron Sky.

  5. H. Olrik DeVore says:

    Actually, this type of highly advanced analog technology would have some advantages over modern digital electronics: reliability, and resistance against electromagnetic interference and nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The Germans were developing some very advanced electrical analog computers by war’s end and these could be developed to a very high degree in this scenario…

  6. grimgeek says:

    my guess is the gyroscopic thing on the left… but i would also guess trivial stuff like the chair and lamp… it could be anything… what is this authetic artifact you speak of (and while you’re at it some blue prints would be nice)?

    this looks purely genius… i can’t wait for the movie

  7. Sam says:

    My first thought is that it looks like the inside of Darth Vader’s helmet…

  8. Murikov says:

    Why do you need a attitude indicator in space? ;)
    Anyway, it looks great. Very classic indeed.

  9. Samuli Torssonen says:

    The nazi ships are not primarily designed for space combat.

  10. Mark Menth says:

    It’s the compass on the control yoke with the swastika! See http://www.eyepod.org/images/I_Haunebu-komp02_1_.jpg

  11. bob says:

    Is some thing still a UFO when you know what it is? Seems like it isn’t.

  12. ROBB says:

    I’ve been doing sketches myself trying to guess what this might be looking like, and it’s very close except for the canopy windows! I love the look of it. Very much perhaps Panzer interior meets HE111 or the like. My only question is this, is this a 1945 cockpit or 2018 cockpit? Are there any minatures being used for filming-physical model ships or sets along with these wonderful paintings? Would you like some? LOL Yes, I make things.
    Acme Rocketship Co.

  13. ROBB: There will be sets, but minatures are highly unlikely.

    And this is the 2018 (or so) cockpit for a certain type of spaceship. The design most likely is a lot older. After all, the US airforce still uses B-52 bombers designed decades ago. Being even more strapped for resources the moon nazis would not afford to scrap obsolete hardware, but would be forced to upgrade it to the best of their ability.

  14. Kurt says:

    I think that you’ve just raised a point which requires some treatment during the film-that of resource management in general. I know that the audience will have to live with some imagining of just how the moon base and the ships were built,and how the base sustains itself AND manages to build an invasion fleet. Not to mention the bearing and upbringing of the 2nd and 3rd generation to carry on with all of this work.

    But I hope that it won’t be left entirely to our imagination. Granting that this is a science fiction film,I really hope that there will be at least a few scenes where some background information on how food is produced,how the glass for the windows gets made,and that sort of thing. For example,is there clandestine trade with the earth? If so,what is being traded? Are the space-nazis secretly swapping super-alloys for cotton sheets and towels? Who makes the shoes and uniforms? And it’s difficult to shine jackboots without shoe polish,so where did these people get the shoe polish in the first place?

  15. irwin says:

    I find it a bit to steam punk for a Nazi cockpit, the windows are to small and obscure kinda like the TIE Fighter cockpit it should be more wider giving it a panoramic view outside or give the Pilots a special helmet that can provide him with combat support. What will their pilot gears and uniform will be like.

  16. matthew henderson says:

    dude is this one designed by jussi, becuase it looks like one of his ones.

  17. Matt, yes it was. After all, Jussi is our concept artist. :)

  18. MajorD says:

    The concept looks great and well though out.

    The Moon is actually extremely rich in resources, especially the dark side since it absorbs so many asteroid impacts. The problem for the Nazis would be the lack of labor and equipment for resource extraction.

  19. what about grabity? says:

    The grabitational force in the moon is weaker than in earth. So, Nazis from the moon would be less strong than people from earth (they have been living 63 years in the moon…). Unless they’ve got very powerful and advanced weapons, they for sure would lose the war again. I think you should try to find a way to work around this issue to make the story more realistic.

  20. Dave Shane says:

    Looks amazing, can’t wait for the film!

    With that in mind, I just watched the promo clip you linked to as well and noticed american road markings :P

  21. There is good place to get role costums from old army clothes they look like same as the nazi costumes should like, when there is lack of materals for the clothes and they got tu use same type of materials as they got in 1945

  22. Barry Densley says:

    superb detail & lighting… has a real post 1940′s/50′s feel. Hans Kammler would be reasonably satisfied with the end result, Barry Densley ;)

  23. Ian West says:

    The interior looks like a cross between a submarine and a tank, very cool. I think the artifact is the 30 degree increment compass. Looking forward to the film, keep up the good work.

  24. Goran Delic says:

    Looking great guys,how can you loose with that excellent pitch .Looking forward to see the movie and I will of course by book of concept art for the movie .

  25. Fascinating and perfect stuff. Maintain it coming. I am continually interested inside story

  26. Robb says:

    It’s all looking so awesome. Can you say in a nutshell what the inspiration was for this film? And why a comedy? BTW any idea where my support package might be- ordered it almost three months ago. But I know it takes a long time to reach the US. And I know Luftpanzers are expensive. LOL. Best regards:
    Acme Rocketship Co.

  27. Robb: The inspiration, in a nutshell, was a “The Parking Lot Is Full” cartoon. :) None of it is discernible in the current form of the story, but back in ’05, it was enough to start the feverish imagination of writer Jarmo Puskala going, who in turn convinced the rest of us that this is the greatest idea since sliced bread.

    Why a comedy? Paradoxically enough, because we’re so deadly serious about this. A straight-up action story with a message is simply embarrassing, whereas a black comedy can be entertaining AND thought-provoking at the same time. A lofty example we like to cite is Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove”.

    As for your support kit, it was delayed by unfortunate circumstances (such as a lack of correct size shirts) but, luckily, is now on its way. For security reasons, the Luftpanzer cannot make a home delivery, but will drop it off at the nearest Post Office (they’re a front for our operations, you understand). Thanks for your patience!

  28. Tijn says:

    The Nazis attacking the earth, are they the children of the Nazis who landed on the moon?

    If so, you should have as many female as male Nazis.

    Also, they should be very tall and have a weak body because they grew up in 1/6 gravity. Imagine you would land on a planet with constant 6 times the Earth’s gravity… you wouldn’t last long.

    They must have been training for a long time in the gym before heading off to Earth.

    BTW, nice concept art, hope to see more of it soon.

  29. The Nazis have anti-gravity, so they also are assumed to have artificial gravity. Means we don’t have to shoot every single space scene with wires & that the Moon nazis are no weaker than your average human.

    But Klaus is certainly tall.

  30. Marek Herman says:

    One more thing about the “genuine” item – it really is the swastika-compass on the left which was called Peiltochterkompass and was popularized by Bill Lyne as a “real” item from a Nazi UFO. However, evidence misses.

  31. Ken Vermylen says:

    peiltochterkompass on left hand side control stick ???

    Oops sorry, like Marek said …