Come to see Pekka and Jarmo in Helsinki next week.

April 6th, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala

Pekka and I are the guests for a TV talkshow pilot being shot in Helsinki next week. They’re now looking for a live studio audience, so join us! We’ll be talking about Iron Sky and making movies, so if you’re the least bit interested in those things now is a great opportunity to see how tv is made and what we’ve got to say.

Here’s what the producers are saying – in two languages even:


Etsimme Iron Sky –faneja studioyleisöksi Making Of –työnimeä kantavan tv-ohjelmademon nauhoituksiin perjantaina 16.4.2010 klo 12.30 Metropolian Taiteen ja viestinnän laitokselle Helsingin Arabianrantaan (Hämeentie 161, käynti takapihan parkkipaikan kautta). Studiovierainamme nähdään Jarmo Puskala sekä Pekka Ollula. Interaktiivisessa osuudessa myös yleisöllä on mahdollisuus vaikuttaa ohjelmankulkuun!

Ilmoittautumiset ja lisätiedot 11.4. mennessä tuottaja Petra Kiiskelle sähköpostitse tai puhelimitse +358 40 8424983.


We are making a TV-demo called Making Of, and we’re looking for Iron Sky –fans to participate the recordings on Friday 16.4.2010 at 12.30 pm in Metropolia University in Arabianranta, Helsinki (Hämeentie 161, entrance from the backyard’s parking lot). We’ll have Jarmo Puskala and Pekka Ollula as our studio guests. The audience will also have a possibility to interact with the TV-host!

Further information and registrations by 11.4.: producer Petra Kiiski, +358 40 8424983.

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3 Responses to “Come to see Pekka and Jarmo in Helsinki next week.”

  1. Angela says:

    Hmm. I am *definitely* living in the wrong country…

  2. Jani S says:

    I’m living in the right country (Angela – *sucker!*) and even the right city, just 2 km away from the shooting spot. How can i refuse?

  3. Kari says:

    I’ll be there, too! It’ll be good to see other wreckers!

    There’s another possibility to hear about Iron Sky at Kevätgraph2010 on April 23 (I might also be there):

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