Iron Sky Signal #10 – Location Scouting in Germany pt. 1

April 9th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

A new episode of Iron Sky Signal is online! This time we visit Germany to scout some filming locations. On this first trip we visit a communal farm, some industrial areas and hang around some skyscrapers!

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24 Responses to “Iron Sky Signal #10 – Location Scouting in Germany pt. 1”

  1. Mick says:

    I know some places in berlin you could use!

  2. VCM Entertainments says:

    There are alot of deserted places and ruins in the rural Area of Sachsen. Some places are deserted since 65 years from the Nazi’s, some are deserted for 25 Years from the Sovjets and some are deserted for Ten years from the Credit Crunch. Like old manson’s of high Nazipartypeople or whole Airports and Bunkers from the 1930s. Unoccopied big Barracks and Camps from the Sovjets are found aswell..

    Just give us 24h to overpaint the Graffitis. XD

  3. Yeah, there’s awesome locations in Berlin and Sachsen etc… Unfortunately, we’re unable to use them, because of funding reasons – we’re focusing all of the effort to Hessen, and moving the whole team away from there for 1-2 day shootings somewhere else would be too expensive.

  4. Jonas says:

    Being originally from there I am thrilled that parts of the movie will be shot in Hessen.
    You should most definitely try to get on old / former Bundeswehr or US Army Installations
    Best regards / and “break a leg” with your production
    Jonas / Germany

  5. Elborg says:


    while looking for News about the movie, I am surprised you are thinking about filming in Hessen. I live near Frankfurt and it would be a pleisure for me to help you. Little acting, car driving… whatever you want. If you need help please contact me. Good luck, John Elborg

  6. GTL says:

    would an originally equipped bunker from the 1950ies be interesting? It is in Flensburg near the Danish border and free of charge.

  7. The Stick says:

    In Austria there’s the Seegrotte.
    In it’a heyday it was known as the top-secret jet-factory ‘Languste’.
    The Nazis produced the parts for the He162 (Volksjager) in the former gypsum mine, that were assembled at the main airport.
    It even comes with an underground lake!

    In the past the Seegrotte’s owners have been cooperative with film-producers. Disney’s ‘The Three Musketeers’ had some scenes filmed here (you wouldn’t have guessed them to have been underground)

  8. Unfortunately, we can only shoot in the Hessen area in Germany, so although there’d be a lot of interesting locations close by, we need to film in that specific area.

  9. Barry Densley says:

    the Seegrote would be a fantastic location as would any of the old V2 (A4-A9) and underground Kammlerstab facilities… Kammler of course has been redlined & rarely appears in the history books. Nuremberg officials & holocaust survivor groups seem strangely uninterested in Herr Kammler – I wonder why?

  10. Barry Densley says:

    just watched Iron Sky Signal Episode 3.. can’t believe Hans Kammler is not a major part of the script!!! are u ppl serious, Kammler is the fundamental driving force behind the ‘technology’… Kammler is the perfect mastermind/villian.. very dissapointed guys!! :(
    Barry Densley

  11. Barry Densley says:

    what about Miethe? Lippisch? Von Braun?

  12. Barry Densley says:

    Kammler dissappeared mysteriously near the end of the Third Reich’s final days. where did the Allies rush to around the same time? (1) Kammler’s underground V1/V2/jet engine factory @ Nordhausen in the Harz Mountains then on to Pilsen, Czechoslovakia & Kammler’s Ultra Secret ‘Kammler Group’ hidden within the Skoda Works (run by Dr Wilhelm Voss).. Hollywood couldn’t come up with a better villian if they tried…

  13. Barry Densley says:

    “Kammler”… “was regarded by many in the Nazi heirarchy, as the most powerful man in Germany outside the Cabinet.”

    “By war’s end Hitler had concentrated more power in Kammler’s hands than he had ever entrusted to a single person. He even gave him the authority to arrest anyone, regardless of rank, who interfered in the execution of any order Kammler had issued.”

    “Kammler had won his spurs by his long run of successes and by realizing never-before-tried, seemingly impossible projects, at speeds not thought possible. His ruthless enforcement of draconic measures, regardless of the sacrifice in human effort and other people’s careers, were legendary. His high academic rating of doctor engineer was a valuable asset..” (aforementioned quotes taken from Tom Agoston’s ‘Blunder’1985). if you haven’t read this book yet, please do so before you commit to the script for your film… *shaking head in dismay* Barry Densley

  14. Barry Densley says:

    and you blow Kammler off like an afterthought…??

  15. Barry: The film happens decades after Kammler’s time. That’s why he’s not in the film. But he’s an integral part of the backstory.

  16. Barry Densley says:

    hi Jarmo,

    “an integral part of the backstory”? is that like icicles that hang from your car exhaust after parking in winter??

    okay given Kammler would be in his twilight years in 2010, what’s the problem? Sean Connery’s appeal to women hasn’t hurt his box-office takings in his twilight years. Darth Vader could’ve been 100′s of years old with his bio-mechanical technology keeping him alive – Kammler “should” be your Darth Vader!! he’s perfect for the role of arch-villian…

    here are some excerpts on Kammler from Tom Agoston’s ‘Blunder’…

    “a member of the new aristocracy of the talented, the famous, the nation’s most skilled practioners of intrigue..” “a rabidly nationalistic career officer, typified by a Tierischer Ernst, an ‘awful seriousness’..”

    “Kammler’s ‘short’ career within the Third Reich was simply phenomenal.” Opinions differ widely on Kammler…

    “the ‘most negatively fascinating’ character of the Third Reich, the major unportrayed figure on the Nazi chessboard. His business card would have described him as Black Genius Incarnate.”

    Albert Speer wrote:

    “I found Kammler absolutely brilliant, yet cold, a ruthless schemer, a fanatic in pursuit of his goal, as carefully calculating as he was unscrupulous.” “..I rather liked his objective coolness.” “No one would have thought that this quiet, unobtrusive young engineer would one day turn into one of Himmler’s most ruthless and brutal aides.”

    Walther Dornberger:

    “Kammler’s ‘restless piercing eyes gave one the impression of being confronted with a Renaissance condottiere. His mouth spelt brutality, arrogance, a powerful mouth with a protruding lip.”

    Hans Kammler was fair, blue-eyed, ascetic-looking, restlessly intelligent, the perfect SS elite type.

    Barry Densley

  17. Barry Densley says:

    somebody throw me a fricken ‘rope’…

  18. Barry Densley says:

    Kammler on the construction of the underground Mittlewerk (“Central Works”)in the Kohnstein Mountains near Nordhausen in Thuringia codenamed ‘Dora’…

    “Pay no attention to the human cost. The work must go ahead, and in the shortest possible time.”
    - p.10 The Rocket and the Reich, M.Nuefeld 1995

    “(Albert)Speer wrote to Kammler praising him for turning the tunnels into a factory in two months, an accomplishment “that far exceeds anything ever done in Europe and is unsurpassed even by American standards.” – p.212 The Rocket and the Reich, M.Nuefeld 1995

    Slave labourers at Dora worked 12hr days and a six-day week.

    “…the attitude of Sawatzki, Kammler and the SS was a callous indifference to, or sadistic enjoyment of, the sufferings of the detainees.”
    - p.226 The Rocket and the Reich, M.Nuefeld 1995

    Kammler also supervised the construction of a gigantic ‘synthetic rubber plant’ (Buna plant) erected by forced labour at ‘Auschwitz’. I.G. Farben privately financed the plant to the tune of some $900,000,000 Reichsmarks ($250,000,000 in 1945 dollars or $2 billion in contemporary dollars.

    At the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, the Auschwitz Buna factory emerged as one of the big mysteries of the war. Despite enormous sums of money, the personal blessings of Hitler, Himmler, Goring, and Keitel, an endless supply of both skilled contract labourers and slave labor from Auschwitz totaling some 300,000 workers, approx. 25,000 of whom were simply worked to death. Despite using more power than the entire city of Berlin (the 8th largest city in the world at the time), despite such an enormous investment of lives, money, and material, “not a single pound of Buna was ever produced”.

    Electrical consumption, construction costs, and I.G. Farben’s previous record -does not readily form a picture that a Buna processing plant was the type of project being constructed at Auschwitz. Such a compilation does sketch a picture, however, of another important wartime production process, though secret at the time. The process is uranium enrichment.

    Ed Landry, an expert in the field of synthetic rubber production from Houston, Texas…
    “That was not a rubber plant – you can bet your bottom dollar on that.” Texas

    “Assertions made by General Groves after the war… were probably designed to divert attention from the German isotope separation program. The idea being that if the existence of the German uranium enrichment program could be hidden, then the cover story could be established that Germany’s atomic bomb effort consisted only of failed attempts to create a reactor pile to bread plutonium ”

    - Carter P. Hydrick: Critical Mass: the Real Story of the Birth of the Atomic Bomb and the Nuclear Age.

    *Excerpts taken from

    Take into consideration then U-Boat U234′s mission to deliver cutting-edge German military technology to Japan. Departing Germany in late March 1945, its payload included V-2 rocket and jet fighter components, and about 1,200 pounds of uranium oxide, a key ingredient in Japan’s own atomic weapons program. After weeks of evading Allied attacks, the ship’s crew surrendered to the U.S. Navy upon learning of Germany’s defeat; the ship was escorted to an American port and its cargo carefully scrutinized. The uranium oxide however quickly vanished without a trace. Major John Lansdale, a Manhattan Project official who apparently confiscated the uranium for America’s own bomb-building program; argue persuasively that U-234′s uranium shipment, intended by Germany for its Japanese ally, was ultimately delivered by America, in the bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    “an integral part of the backstory”.. indeed!!..

  19. Barry Densley says:

    Albert Speer, in his book “Spandau, The Secret Diaries” brags that it was he (Kammler) who ordered Werner Heisenberg to stop building an atomic bomb and concentrate on a “uranium motor” for aircraft.

    in his book “Inside The Third Reich” Albert Speer wrote…

    “Both Reinhard Heydrich and Hans Kammler were blond, blue-eyed, long-headed, always neatly dressed, and well bred. Both were capable of unexpected decisions at any moment, and once they had arrived at them they would carry them through with rare obstinacy.” p.444

    “In the course of my enforced collaboration with this man (Kammler), I discovered him to be a cold, ruthless schemer, a fanatic in the pursuit of a goal, and as carefully calculating as he was unscrupulous.” p.445

    “At the meeting of the Armaments Staff on May 26, 1944, Kammler had boasted that he had “simply placed fifty thousand persons in protective custody in order to obtain the necessary labour” for the SS enterprises.” -p.445 (footnote)

    While Kammler [in charge of Nazi secret weapons projects] carried out his job to the letter, churning out the rockets and jet aircraft that Hitler hoped would turn the tide against the Allies in the closing weeks of the war, he also set up, unbeknownst to anyone connected with those projects, a top secret research center tasked with the development of follow-on technology, a place where work on “second-generation” secret weapons was already well advanced. What Kammler had established was a “special projects office,” a forerunner of the entity that had been run by the bright young colonels of the USAF’s stealth program in the 1970s and 1980s; a place of vision, where imagination could run free, unfettered by the restraints of accountability. Exactly the kind of place, in fact, you’d expect to find antigravity technology, if such an impossible thing existed. (

    Hans Kammlers Military Intelligence files are not to be released until 2020! 75 years after the Second World War we will finally get to see why the Allies have tried to bury one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany.

    The following is an extract from an article in The Atlantic Monthly, September 5, 2002 titled “The Hunt for Zero Point”

    QUESTION : The archivist at Modern Military Records in Maryland told you that Hans Kammler had been ”redlined.” Can you explain what that means?

    COOK : I made a lot of inquiries through her, and she found it extraordinary, given what I told her about Kammler—I had to tell her about Kammler—that there was absolutely nothing on him in the National Archive, given that just about everything he was doing should have been documented in the files somewhere. The fact that there was nothing on him was therefore highly suspicious, and in her view tended to support the theory that he’d been redlined. In other words, somebody had gone in and cleared out any meaningful documents on him.

  20. Barry Densley says:


    I’d hoped that ‘Iron Sky’ would finally get Kammler out in the open, that perhaps a renewed interest would speed up the release of Hans Kammler’s files. His meteoric rise through the ranks of the Nazi Party and SS curriculum vitae would make a ‘Hollywood’ blockbuster in its own rite.

    Imagine the general publics reaction when after watching the final instalment of the Star Wars movies, the credits start rolling to inform the audience Darth Vader was actually a living, breathing historical figure who disappeared under unusual circumstances and whose files will be locked away for another 10 years (75 in total)?

    Have you guys read ‘Projekt UFO’(W.A. Harbinson). Or what about ‘Man-Made UFOs 1944-1994′ (Renato Vesco & David Hatcher Childress)? ‘German Jet Genesis’ (David Masters) p.135 Project Saucer? ‘Hitler’s Last Weapons’ (Jozef Garlinski)?

    Barry Densley

  21. Barry Densley says:

    Kammler might’ve been right at home on the Dark Side of the Moon?? ;P

  22. Barry Densley says:

    looks like I’ve been ‘redlined’ too…?? :(