Star Trek Databas Award 2010 Goes to Star Wreck!

April 9th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

We got some great news a few days ago: Star Wreck has won this year’s Suecica Astrum Erratus Praemium – Swedish Star Trek Databas Award. The movie was nominated for the award also on 2009, but this time we took the first prize!

This is what the jury had to say about the Star Wreck project:

Their commitment and sedulous work have been an inspiration for the whole of northern Europe in the sphere of fan production, and they also put Finland and Scandinavia on the science fiction map, once and for all. With great humour, they have set a good example for many of us.

On behalf of the Star Wreck team – thank you very much, we are honoured to receive this award!

…also, the saga of Star Wreck is not at an end, by any means. Although we are currently hard at work on Iron Sky, the first drafts of the story for the next Star Wreck movie have been done and the script is currently being written. And yeah, it’s even more crazy and irreverent than In The Pirkinning.

Here is the award announcement on Star Trek Databas site, and here is the conversation (in Swedish).

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One Response to “Star Trek Databas Award 2010 Goes to Star Wreck!”

  1. WOW! Amazingly, I was screening the “legacy” shorts tonight, and just now saw the post with the good news. I’m in total agreement with the jury on this – and it’s something I keep in mind every time I visit (formerly and see more evidence of movie fans putting the means of production into their own hands. Congratulations – who’d ever think that Pirk’s misadventures would set off a paradigm shift of sorts? E viva Energia!