Project London

April 20th, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala

You know we are suckers for truly independent film productions, like the amazing Finnish “amateur” film What Became of Us. Well, thanks to Johnny’s & Angus’ article about zero-budget productions (and Iron Sky) I just found the film called Project London.

If you didn’t already watch the teaser above. And then consider that this film is a zero-budget production. And the CGI is created with Blender, the free, open source 3D program.

Now, the Project London film is amazing on it’s own, thanks to the impressive sense of style they’ve got – from the inspired music to the look of the ships – it really looks amazing. However it’s also quite the milestone for Blender. The software has been around for years and has been getting better and better. Now it’s startign to prove itself as a true alternative for CGI work in a live-action film.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on Project London and suggest you do the same. I suspect it’ll be quite a while still before it is complete, but that’s the price you pay for doing amazing stuff without a budget. Meanwhile, here’s another short clip.

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3 Responses to “Project London”

  1. Ohh yeah! I never got around to watching the teaser when it first came out, but now that I did, it makes me want to throw my hands up and cheer. This thing is cool beyond reason. If I was religious, I’d nominate these folks for godhood.

  2. Sasu Karttunen says:

    Yeah, Blender is just awesome in these days. The new 2.5 alpha version is better than ever. It has new physics sytem with wind and etc. Thumbs up!

  3. Barry Densley says:

    absolutely brilliant!! reminds me of work with Lightwave (Babylon 5). bring back the Amiga I say – or give me a Sparc Station ;)

    Barry Densley