Why I left FaceBook

April 28th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

One of the things that I hate in life are impolite jerks. You know, the kind of people who just don’t give a shit about other people around them, and just steamroll on doing things their way, the way it suits them the best.

I just left FaceBook because that’s how I started to feel about the service, especially after its recent implementation of the Like-button. If you’re logged in to FaceBook, and go to a web page which has the new FaceBook’s Like-button, instantly FaceBook knows you’ve visited that site – without you necessarily taking any action on the site, whatsoever. For a much better article on the issue at hands, read more from here:

Philosophical Zombie


The Like-functionality is almost like those bonus cards or loyalty programs in the supermarket chains – in Finland, S-kortti, Plussa etc. They exist only for one reason: to get to know what people buy to know how to sell their stuff to them more efficiently. But unlike FaceBook, they at least have the dignity to claim that they are paying back something for you for letting them know your shopping lists daily – in the form of bonuses and/or discounts. And – more importantly – I can easily decide not to use the cards when I don’t feel like it.

When it comes to the Internet, I’m not comfortable with the idea of somebody being able to monitor most of the websites I visit. It’s my own personal matter where I download my porn, where I find my Torrents and where I go “anonymously” trolling just for the fun of it. And although the new “Like”-button is not completely rupturing my privacy on the Internet – and definitively, it’s not the first one to do it like that – it offends me the way they slide this feature out as if it was something cool and fitting to the world of social media, sharing is caring and all that bullshit – forgetting to mention that fact it’s just their way to dig out my website history to be able to push their ads and who knows what else. We all know FaceBook like any company out there – has an agenda, and they won’t be stopping to this.

The reason this saddens me is because I like FaceBook. I was among the first ones signing up to it from Finland, and I’ve been using it quite a lot for both professional and personal matters – and I still do. Iron Sky group, or page, or Like-thing or whatever it’s turning and changing into – has been, is, and will be a very effective way to communicate the progress of the film to our fans. Same goes with ZombieRoom’s and Wreckamovie’s pages. I’m the first one to admit that I’m trying to exploit FaceBook to the max, without an intention to pay them a dime – and I’m getting the feeling that’s exactly their plan, too. And that’s just not OK.

Quitting FaceBook over the Like-button was not the main reason – if it was, I wouldn’t be using Google’s services, or basically any other social network out there. The thing is, I just don’t like their style. FaceBook is like the hunkiest douchebag in the bar. You know the type, the guy with enormous muscles and fake tan and bleached teeth. He gets to act just as badly as he wants, but there’s still always people swarming around him. Sometimes big online services just go into that path and never come back, and I don’t need that kind of shit around me.

But FaceBook always gets the final word. You can’t never leave FaceBook completely. Not even if you die.

I’m still up on the Internet, without FaceBook – you can follow me over Twitter, and read our blogs at Zombie Room and Iron Sky, watch how I Trek, or reach me via eMail.

Also, please note that this has no effect on Iron Sky’s presence on FaceBook in any way – Jarmo has been the guy updating it regularly, and he’ll keep on doing that also in the future. This is just for my personal FaceBook account.

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8 Responses to “Why I left FaceBook”

  1. Fear not, now that’s you’ve left Facebook they’ve automatically created a “community page” for you, to be eventually administered by god knows who: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Timo-Vuorensola/112697148741891

    Talk about irony.

  2. possu says:

    Olet kyllä Timo vähäsen ulalla asioista!
    Muista muuten poistaa tiedot Wikipediastakin, hekin näkyvät SEURAAVAN siuna.

  3. possu:

    Et ehkä itse ihan hahmottanut tätä varsinaista ongelmaa. Kannattaa lukaista nuo linkitetyt artikkelit siitä, miksi Facebookin nykyinen linjaus on vähän kyseenalainen moneltakin kantilta. Lisäksi FB:n asenne niin yksityis- kuin yrityskäyttäjiä kohtaan on ollut pitkään aika nihkeä esimerkiksi ongelmatilanteissa – sanotaan nyt vaikka Iron Sky -sivun katoamisessa palvelusta. Tällä hetkellä Facebookin asenne palveluna ja firmana on aika tympeä ja siinä olisi roimasti parantamista.


    Ja haloo tuon Wikipedia-kommentin kanssa, olisiko ihan aavistuksen eri asia kuin mistä nyt puhutaan :)

  4. The Stick says:


    There, that should fix ya up. -That and responsible facebooking. So you don’t get zuckerpunched…

  5. I just quit facebook as well, more or less for the same reasons, plus I’m a Free Software fanatic, so this make quitting FB easier.

    I see you have a “share on Facebook” button on each article, this is fine for you? It’s just a matter of your privacy and not of your users as well?


  6. Brandon says:

    It’s gotten outta hand, the whole site.

    I joined before it went public, and it’s going to take another two or three serious privacy breaches that actually impact people for them to begin to take notice. That’s sad.

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