Airplane Wreck Diving – Junkers Ju 52

May 5th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

And now for something completely different. Some 40 km out of the town of Narvik in Norway there is a lake called Hartvigvattnet which the Nazis used as a landing strip in the wintertime. One of their planes, a Junkers Ju 52, now lies in the bottom of the lake. The history of the plane is a bit unclear, but here’s a nice article about it in DYK magazine.

When I and my fiance went for a diving trip to Narvik, there was no way in hell we would miss this – especially when it turned out that the most fun way to reach the wreck is by jumping into a crystal clear river leading to the lake, and drifting down.

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One Response to “Airplane Wreck Diving – Junkers Ju 52”

  1. Once again Janos makes my life seem boring. You should see his schedule for July.