Iron Sky in Cannes 2010 – all over the Interwebz!

May 11th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

The Iron Sky team has landed again to Cannes to participate in Festival de Cannes 2010 event. This year, we have an office right down in the center of where it all happens, the Iron Sky Lounge, and most of us live just few blocks away in quite a nice apartment. This year, Cannes had a bit of crap falling on them just before the festivals – the weather was horrible, some huge waves destroyed much of the structures the builders had been putting together on the beach, and the Iceland volcano ash cloud complicated the travel arrangements.

But we’re about to have a blast here. You can follow our doings and wrongdoings here through various Social Media platforms – so keep yer eyes peeled to the Internet!

Our publicist Janos Honkonen will be blogging all the important news also to Beyond the Iron Sky -blog. I will be shooting small videos and posting them to my TwitVid account under the Director’s Diary -title, and you may follow me, Pekka and Janos on Twitter to see how things progress here. We even have our own Venue on FourSquare for Iron Sky Lounge!

We will also shoot some material and put it out as an Iron Sky Signal a bit after the festival is over.

So this is how it begins!

Just to remind you on how last year went, here’s a small compilation from 2009 – and of course, our awesome Iroun Sky Basterds from last year’s Cannes!

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3 Responses to “Iron Sky in Cannes 2010 – all over the Interwebz!”

  1. AFA says:

    Couldn’t make the deadline, eh?

  2. AFA:

    Yes, the damn Wednesday turned into Thursday without our even noticing. We are very very close now.

  3. Freon says:

    I saw the poster and the “Iron Sky Lounge” (and the really small sign on the door :p).
    Can anybody drop and say hello or is it only for journalists and producers?