The Moon Nazis Are Coming – The First Iron Sky Footage is Out!

May 13th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

Here it is finally: the first footage of Iron Sky has been released! If you follow our blog, you might remember that we had one shooting day in the city of Tampere in March. We filmed some footage which we used to test out our workflow – footage, which you will see also on the finished movie.

We took some of that footage, built a teaser out of it, and here it is!

In addition to getting new material for all of you to see, this was a valuable experiment for us: we got the look and feel of the movie nailed down and found out what works and what doesn’t in our shooting-CGI-post-production workflow. This kicks us one step closer to the beginning of the main shooting and production period of the movie.

Also, there have been rumours on the interwebs for months now, but now we’d like to make it officially known: both the soundtrack of the teaser and the finished movie is provided by a Slovenian underground heavyweight Laibach. Both Timo and I have been fans of their music for a long time, and getting to work with Laibach on Iron Sky is a great thing for us!

Did you like the teaser? If you did, remember that sharing is caring: share it on Facebook, Twitter, your favourite blogs and forums. Drop in a link to and you’ll make us really happy! You can also take part in the production in Wreckamovie, or support us by buying merchandise or investing in Iron Sky!

Thank you to all of our fans and collaborators from the whole Iron Sky team! We are again one step closer to the premiere of Iron Sky!

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36 Responses to “The Moon Nazis Are Coming – The First Iron Sky Footage is Out!”

  1. Burak says:

    Youtube comments are broken so I’ll post here :

    I dunno. I think the first Teaser was better, although no real actors were seen(I guess). The music was WAAAAAYY better.
    But MAN the graphics of this one are GREAT ! (Right now sitting in front of AfterEffects myself… Hope to get that good one day.)

    Also the way that mechanic handles the wrench does not look realistic, it looks like the screw is overthightened and breaks away. ( SNAFU ? Ok I know it’s a Comedy movie…)
    By the way was that an actress? Can’t get past the feeling that was a woman..

    Opening reminds me of Metropolis ! … (Marching soldiers / marching workers)
    Hope I can post this time before I have to write it a third time…

  2. Kris S. says:

    Burak, here’s the mechanic at the shoot:

  3. AFA says:

    Great job guys! The teaser looks wonderful!

    I liked all the parts with human interaction, especially the marching troopers. The graphics are top-notch too!

  4. Kempec says:

    Wow!!! I have been following your site since the beginning…
    Great Work!!! I love the look and sound!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

  5. gostu says:

    Epic teaser! I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie. The music from the first teaser was something very original: a time-travelling song that starts with a gramophone-like quality, gaining a beat and modern instruments as it moves along to the future. Laibach score fits the movie as well, though I really hope to see any variation of “Under The Iron Sky” as the main theme.
    The CGI is simply breathtaking. Keep up the good work!

  6. Root says:

    Great work, and the score from Laibach is really well selected.

    Will there be a 1080p version soon ?

  7. MaxTrax says:

    That’s frakking awesome! Somehow the space at scene reminds me of Battlestar Galactica (in a good way of course).

    Please release 1080p .mkv version so I can show it to all my friends at my sons 4y birthday tomorrow!

  8. Burak says:

    @Kris S.:
    Almost suspected that.

    Still movement is not OK. Give the actors real props. Especially if you have to simulate strong movement imagination alone is not enough. The actors need something to hang on …

  9. Sox says:

    Maybe he’s using a torque wrench. OR he’s just pretending to be working, which is what I’d do if I was working as a Nazi mechanic and ran out of things to actually do. In space. ;)

    Awesome work on the teaser, congratulations!

  10. Egil says:

    Moon Nazis. Wow!

    Is this some subtle critique of islamism?

  11. felix says:

    Awesome teaser!
    Although I don’t like the moment when the space ship takes off – the actor is looking somewhere into blue space but not at the ship :(

  12. Olli says:

    Great work guys! great work!

    I just love these teasers and cant stop watching them :)

    Are you going publish the song of this teaser like the first ones? I would definitely want this song and I would be ready to pay for it :)

  13. Olli, I’m afraid we can’t. On the plus side, it’s already been done, on Laibach’s album Divided States of America. Try

  14. Ulisses Peleu says:


  15. Kris S. says:

    Olli, you can also listen to this song on Spotify, it’s “B Mashina” by Laibach.

  16. Actually, we’ll try to get the teaser mix of the song out with Laibach.

  17. Barry Densley says:

    fantastic look & feel guys, 3D graphics, close-ups, live action, great attention to detail. foley sounds great… still ‘NO’ Hans Kammler though?? come on ppls, ‘Project Horizon’ – Von Braun’s lil’ side-project (then only 2% of the 1956 Us Defence Budget) to put a manned military base on the moon… just think of it.. Von Braun & Hans Kammler (2 old Third Reich flunkies) if you could pick two people to pull it off you’d be hard pressed to find a better duo for such an assignment.

    Kammler’s files are due to be released in 2020, 70 years under lock & key – not bad for someone who doesn’t feature in the ‘Who’s Who of the Third Reich (let alone the history books). what do you think they’ll reveal? a massive plutonium enrichment plant at Auschwitz masquerading as a Buna (synthetic rubber) plant.. so what the material for Nagasaki/Horishima/etc was mostly German – build a bridge! perhaps Kammler’s deal with the US to deliver Von Braun to the advancing Allies in return for ??? from the US?? still no biggy… dust Herr Kammler off & get ppl talking…

    Barry Densley

  18. Barry Densley says:

    who needs a Hollywood script writer with such an all encompassing description for a villian as described by Walter Dornberger on his first meeting with Dr. Hans Kammler while on a on a duty trip to Berlin on the 6th September, 1943…

    “He had the slim figure, niether tall nor short, of a cavalryman. In his early forties, broad-shouldered and narrow at the hips, with bronzed, clear-cut features, a high forehead under dark hair slightly streaked with grey and brushed straight back, Dr. Kammler had brown, peircing and restless eyes, a lean and curved beak of a nose and a strong mouth, the underlip thrust forward as though in defiance. That mouth indicated brutality, derision, disdain and overwhelming pride. The chin was moulded and prominent.
    Ones’s first impression was of a virile, handsome and captivating personality. He looked like some hero of the Renaissance, a condottiere of the period of the civil wars in Northern Italy. The mobile features were full of expression. But the hands were thick and lifeless, almost coarse.
    It was not long before I had a clear idea of the man’s character. After a few moments he captured the conversation. There was nothing for it but to let him talk. His first concern was to show you what a splendid fellow he was, how boldly he spoke his mind to his opponents and superior officers, how cleverly he pushed his partners on, and what exceptional influence he had at very high levels.
    He was simply incapable of listening. His one desire was to command. I found it impossible to go into anything thoroughly with him. He darted from one subject to another. He had no time for discussion or reflection. He made his decisions without due consideration. He rarely conceded any point. It was quite out of the question to get him to change his mind.
    Owing to the many tasks he undertook he was on the go day and night and spread nothing but unrest, hurry and nervousness around him. His ambition, lust for power, mistrust and vengefulness were matched only by his morbid inferiority complex and his mimosa-like sensitivity. With all this, he was well aware of his limitations. Anyone who had the advantage of him in education, experience, knowledge or ability was not suffered anywhere near him on equal terms. He surrounded himself with youthful followers who could be dazzled by his zest and tireless energy, and with weak creatures who applauded his caprices and his brutal jests, feared him, flattered his vanity and believed him to be the great coming man. He was far too shrewd, however, not to be able to see through such people. He played with their destinies as a mischievious child with tin soldiers. He was cunningly deferential and amiable to his superiors, arrogant, brutal, overbearing, intolerably haughty to those below him. He had no moral inhibitions whatever in getting what he wanted.”

    p.189-190 ‘V2′ Walter Dornberger 1952

    Barry Densley

  19. Barry Densley says:

    “Amtsgruppe C was in charge of the SS-Police building programme and at its head was one of the most unscrupulous careerists ever to wear SS uniform.
    His name was Hans Kammler, he was a qualified engineer and his ambition was abnormal even by SS standards; he would build gas chambers in Auschwitz or launching ramps for flying bombs with equal attention to detail. He eventually became a Gruppenfuhrer but in spite of his exalted position bore no loyalty to the SS; for him the Order was nothing but a ladder for his own advancement.
    … He was a civil servant who had long held the post of Director of Works in the Reich Ministry of Civil Aviation; in 1941 Himmler persuaded him to transfer to the SS, together with a staff of construction experts from the Luftwaffe. He was given the rank of SS-Standartenfuhrer and took over Amtsgruppe C in the WVHA (Wirtschafts-und Verwaltungshauptamt or Economic and Administrative Department) where he produced an ambitious building programme which, by 1942, was already employing 175,000 men from the concentration and prisoner-of-war camps.
    Construction of supply depots, concentration-camp gas chambers, ammunition storage and barracks for the Waffen-SS was not enough to satisfy Kammler. He flew higher. Speer, the Armaments Minister, recalled: ‘When Kammler took on his first job, I did not realize that it was he who had been earmarked as my successor.’
    Himmler’s and Kammler’s ambitions coincided: one of the former’s dreams was to build up his own armaments industry and so make the SS units independent of equipment allocations from the ever-mistrustful Wehrmacht; Kammler saw himself as the head of a super-Ministry of Armaments. Both of these ambitions were to be at least partially satisfied.”
    p.375-376 ‘The Order of the Death’s Head – Heinz Hohne 1967

  20. Shmeergla says:

    Great graphics and well placed Laibach tune, but voice and captioning? Come one you guys! I know you are on a tight budget, but can’t you hire an actor without an accent to dub thise kind of things? Or hire an American actor with a German accent? Imagine how much better Valkyre would be if Tom Cruise had an German accent in the movie? EVERYONE else had one, except him. That’s why the movie sunked. It’s all in the DETAILS! The trailer needs to get the people in the mood that they want to see it, not to laugh at it! Change captions to something thrilling like: “Hard rain is gonna fall” or “Watch the skies”.
    And for Gods sakes could you put an oxygen mask on that mecanic? He is supposed to be in space! And don’t get me going on the way the soldiers are holding their machine guns! Get some reference photos or watch some old Yugoslavian partisan movies!!!
    Don’t get me wrong for my nitpicking with comments like these. I really do want to see this movie turn out the best it can be. It’s just that you are really on a thin ice with oversights like these.
    Anyways, sure hope that Laibach gave you permission for using their song…

  21. Thanks for the feedback, Shmeergla! Admittedly, the captions were chosen perhaps a bit hurriedly, but in our opinion they reflected nicely the fact that this is a black comedy, not just another action romp. So laughter would actually be a fairly appropriate response!
    Rest assured that Laibach not only gave us permission, they agreed to score the entire film. The extras were directed by a professional drill sergeant, so their performance is as authentically military as possible with an hour’s drill. And the mechanic is NOT in space: check it out, there are walls around him. The staging area shown here is fully pressurised.
    (Of course, if you insist of picking nits, an oxygen mask wouldn’t do squat in space – he’d need a pressure suit, such as those worn in the first teaser.)
    As for the voice? I admit I’m a bit baffled; there is no voiceover in the teaser. What you hear are the vocals of “B Mashina” by Laibach. In the film itself, the Nazis won’t have German accents – they’ll speak German. (Of course, when they have to speak English, they will do so with an accent, since it’s not their first language.)
    It’s always heartening to know that our fans pay such close attention to everything we release. Thanks for the interest!

  22. Barry Densley says:

    okay I get it guys, you don’t want to include anything but a badly reproduced black & white photograph of Hans Kammler hidden in your intro teaser… stupid me! how could anyone with a CV like Kammlers ever hope to qualify for the job of building a base on the dark side of the moon???… :(

  23. Barry: You don’t need to convince us of Kammler’s merits. But having been born in 1901 he would be 117 by the time of the film (2018). Even with a terribly efficient moon nazi diet, he’d most likely be dead, considering the hardships of the early years of the moonbase.

  24. Barry Densley says:

    just imagine Kammler, with his hands on all that ‘highly ethical’ post WW2 German/Japanese technology & untold Lichtenstein/Swiss Bank Accounts full of filthy Nazi lucre…

    you could set the benchmark for the next 20 years at least in cinematic arch villians – Darth Vader would look like a pussy… ;)

    - Barry Densley

  25. Barry Densley says:

    have you guys read W.A. Harbinson’s ‘Projekt Saucer’ series, if you haven’t you should definitely take a squizz… and I’m sure you’re up to speed with Von Braun’s 1959 Nuclear Powered Moon Base ‘Project Horizon’, 2% of the defence budget (1950′s) to put a manned (12 person) military base on the moon???…

  26. Peter 123 says:

    Hey guys, a great trailer but please (!!!) dont make a iron sky scifi comedy.
    A great battle between moon-nazis and the world, that would be sick, but come on ~ thats what the people want to see.

    I think you picked a perfect topic for a movie and it’s especially fits for great render szenes.

    Just an easy solid action story, tow locations
    the invason -> earth defence -> the hero’s brother was killed by the attack, the hero’ll take revenge and destroy the moon base ~ I dont know. something like that.

    And one thing I can guarantee, your sale figures would be nice in germany. haha ;D

  27. HEIL HITLER ! says:

    Rundflugzeug, Haunebu, Hauneburg-Geräte, VRIL, Andromeda-Geräte, Flugkreisel,Thule Machine,BMW Flutegard,Hienzofen,Nazi DreadNaught !

    Check My Thread:

  28. AnonymousGuy12 says:


    ITS NOT ISLAMISM, anyway, were would the nazis go? underground a Mcdonalds Germany food store? NEVER! anyway, read about operation high jump’s disaster where saucers attack american planes!

  29. Steven says:

    Amazing Teaser! i love the human aspect of it. What was the very old song at 1:00 minute when the raumwaffe leave the base?

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