Iron Sky Goes Australia – Supanova & Investor Meetings

June 7th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

As you might already know, Iron Sky is now officially a Finnish-German-Australian co-production. A big chunk of Iron Sky team will leave for Down Under tomorrow to check out some shooting locations and studios, do some casting and of course to meet the fans.

We will be attending Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney in June 18-20. Supanova is this small intimate gathering of over 20 000 people who like science fiction, fantasy film, TV, comic books, anime, gaming and collectables, and the event has such special guests as Charisma Carpenter, Eliza Dushku, Colin Wilson etc. Supanova will take place in The Dome, Olympic Park / Sydney.

Investor Meetings – and a Little Help From Our Fans

You may also know that we opened the possibility for investing in Iron Sky for all our fans. This doesn’t mean donating money to us, but full on investing in Iron Sky and actually making money from the movie. So far over 250 people have expressed their interest in investing over half a million euros, and to date 65 people have committed to over 200 000 euros.

While we are in Australia, we’d like to arrange a couple of investor meetings, one in Brisbane on June 15th and one in Sydney during the Supanova weekend. If you are interested in dropping by to hear us talk about the movie and the investment plans, please drop us a mail at invest at ironsky dot net so we can get some kind of an estimate how many people will be turning up!

Looking For a Brisbane Location

We’ll tell you more about the Supanova weekend meeting when we’ll have more information, but we’ll be in Brisbane in 15th of June. There’s something we still don’t have, though: a location for the meeting. If you know a place that fits the following specs, please tell us about it in Wreckamovie:

  • Preferably a free or a cheap place for about 12-20 people to meet:
    it can be a restaurant, auditorium etc.
  • Available on Tuesday 15th of June, in the evening after working hours.
  • Video projector or a big screen is a big bonus, we would like to
    show some video, presentations and other such materials.
  • A chance to knock back a couple of beers or other beverages is a
    bonus also.

We hope we’ll be seeing you in Australia! You can stay in touch with us in here and also in Facebook and Twitter!

From left: Julia Dietze (female lead), Cathy Overett (Australian producer), Tero Kaukomaa (Finnish producer), Timo Vuorensola (director), Mark Overett (Australian producer), Oliver Damian (German producer)

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2 Responses to “Iron Sky Goes Australia – Supanova & Investor Meetings”

  1. Justin Price says:

    Wonderful news!

    If only you were coming to visit Melbourne as well ):

    Too bad i guess!

  2. rigel (sic) says:

    As a big Farscape fan, I feel that any Australian input to your film can only be hugely positive.