Iron Sky Goes Australia – Auditions and Recce

June 17th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

While we are here, we have been nailing down our plans about the exact schedule of what we are going to shoot and where. Right now it looks like this:

First, we go over to Frankfurt for about four weeks, and shoot almost all of the location scenes. That means that we’ll double Frankfurt as New York (that’s where part of the story happens), for both exteriors and interiors. It’s quite a good place for that, being the banking city with a high-rise skyline and nice indoor locations all over.

Then, we move to Brisbane, Australia, and shoot another four weeks. Altogether that adds up to 40 shooting days, give or take few. Here we will go to Warner Roadshow studios in Gold Coast, and shoot all of the studio sets – mostly the Nazi Fortress interiors and spaceship bridges and so on. There are some locations to shoot in here too, and one part of our trip to here was to go check them out.


Our Monday was spent doing auditions for one major and several smaller roles in the movie. Basically we had people coming in from ten in the morning to six in the evening and doing their lines in front of the camera. We had some really talented and hilarious people show up, and fittingly for the project, the last audition was interrupted by a smallish grease fire and a curious opossum.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we did a bit of recceing around Brisbane to see some of the locations we found extremely hard to come by in Frankfurt. One very complicated one has been a farmhouse – Frankfurt is not a huge farming area, and most of the farms are very “European” style. So we thought about it and gave it a kick over here in Brisbane.

Slightly Run Down

"Maybe a little bit too dilapidated?" "Yeah, maybe a little bit."

And boy did we find an awesome farm! An old, shabby nice farm, exactly the kind we had been looking for, with all kind of old rusty cars and scrap metal all over the yard, just screaming our name!

Skull on the Wall

Requires Maintenance

After a good day of recceing, we went back to Brisie for a mini-fan-meeting. We met a couple of local Iron Sky fans, all great people. We flashed them a bit of some exclusive never-before-seen material and had a few beers with ‘em – if you’re reading this, very nice to meet you, hope to get to possibly even work with you, and definitely to catch up with you when we come back here.

Scooby Doo House

We stumbled into old movie sets - this one was used for Scooby Doo.

Next up, there’s only a bit of recceing left to be done, and then we’re off to Sydney and start preparing for Supanova. But before that – and of this I’m extremely excited about – we’re going to meet a strong contestant to be one of our main actors.

But more on that later.

Try not to hurt yourself, and to all of you Sydneysiders out there, check out our Sydney come over and say “hi” to us in Supanova where we have our booth right next to the entrance to the signing area! Also, there’s a fan / investor meeting on Saturday at 7:30pm in Steel Bar & Grill, a stylish brasserie in downtown Sydney.

Oh – and we’re about to explore a bit through the city, so if there’s any cool shite to do over in Sydney – or, even better, any cool parties we should attend to – just give us a holler.

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