Iron Sky & Wreckamovie at Finncon

July 12th, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala

A rare picture of Emperor Pirk on holiday at the 2007 Finncon in Jyväskylä.

Finncon 2010 starts next Friday in Jyväskylä. Finncon is the Finnish national science fiction convention. For a long time it has been arranged together with Animecon, but this year it’s all about science fiction – the reason being, that the combined event had grown to over 10,000 visitors and grown out of almost all viable venues in Finland! This had become quite a challenge for a free convention organized by fan for fans.

Wreckamovie Festival

A far smaller but quite interesting companion for the convention is that one of the venues at University of Jyväskylä’s campus, Ilokivi, is reserved for Wreckamovie festival. It showcases Wreckamovie productions from all over the world, with film screenings running daily.

There are some interesting films you should check out, like the (still) excellent What Became of Us and Snowblind, a feature length post-apocalyptic western produced on Wreckamovie. There’s also a chance to see a little known short film called Tokyo Baby, in which the plot involves the main character running away from home to attend Animecon. It’s produced by Blind Spot, but while you might guess otherwise Blind Spot’s geek squad had nothing to do with the film, it’s just that anime as a hobby has exploded in Finland as well and become very much a part of mainstream.

Iron Sky

I’ll be talking about Iron Sky’s use of social media on Saturday. Including the latest news about where we’re at with the production. I’ll be also hanging around at the Wreckamovie festival along with the makers of the Star Wreck 2pi fan film and other interesting people.

As always Finncon is free and very much worth booking a flight to Finland. I’m planning on checking out the lecture about fantasy in Don Rosa’s Donald Duck stories – if I can fit into the auditorium. The Donald Duck panels tend to be epic.

p.s. Samuli will also try and make it to Jyväskylä to talk about the next Star Wreck. Okay so Samuli probably won’t make it, since he has to work on Iron Sky. But he’ll try.

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8 Responses to “Iron Sky & Wreckamovie at Finncon”

  1. Kris S. says:

    And for any international visitors popping along, pretty much all of the films are in english (including Snowblind), or have english subtitles.

    See you there… :)

  2. Samuli Torssonen says:

    oh, and I will be there as well I think. Couple of words about The Next Star Wreck as well :)

  3. LGB says:

    Emperor Pirk is simply the best ;) Is it possible to watch pictures about the “daily life” (like this one, Pirk on holiday) of the heros of the last movie? :)

  4. Samuli Torssonen says:

    Argh, it seems that I need to be working on Iron Sky the next weekend! Too bad, I would have really wanted to take part finncon..

  5. Kari says:

    So there will be a next StarWreck? Would like to know more:)

  6. Kris S. says:

    Cheers to everyone who came to the Wreckamovie Festival, you can get a little flavour of the preparations here:

    Kari: Yes there will be another Star Wreck. :)

  7. BobCat says:

    Will the new star wreck be in english ? finnish ? and any idea when Iron Sky is due for release ?

  8. BobCat, Iron Sky will premiere in late 2011. More information on the new Star Wreck film will be released this autumn.