Iron Sky Signal #13 – Iron Sky Goes Australia Part II

August 16th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

And here is the second part of our Australian odyssey! This time we visited the Australian countryside in search of some shooting locations we didn’t yet have, and a wilderness of a different variety – that of 15 000 scifi and fantasy fans in Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney.

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2 Responses to “Iron Sky Signal #13 – Iron Sky Goes Australia Part II”

  1. alberto gordillo says:

    be sure to travel to the northern parts of Queensland, there are some great shooting locations around the townsville – cairns – mackay regions depending on what your looking for.

  2. Just occurred to me – would you guys like to add Iron Sky signal rss feed to the Miro Internet TV guide? That way, interested audience members could subscribe to the feed and get automatically downloaded episodes (in HD if available) to their computers to watch when they please.

    Here’s an example of the Movies category:

    And here are the instructions on how to add a feed to the guide:

    Alternatively, you can give me permission to add the feed for you (e.g. from youtube)