Iron Sky Signal #15 – Fan Questions for Iron Sky Actors

October 8th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

You may remember that the main cast of Iron Sky – Julia Dietze, Christopher Kirby and Götz Otto – visited Finland last month for a few day rehearsal retreat in middle of the Finnish countryside. While they were here, we asked our fans and followers in Facebook for some questions we could ask from the actors – and here are the answers!

As Timo wrote in his previous blog post, everybody is starting to realize that damn, there are only precious few weeks before we start to shoot this project! This is exciting time here in Blind Spot Pictures and Energia.

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2 Responses to “Iron Sky Signal #15 – Fan Questions for Iron Sky Actors”

  1. Trish Lewis says:

    You guys rock – you are creative, talented, FUNNY, FUN…I love your work so far, and SOOoooooo look forward to IRON SKY’s release! All the best to cast and crew, and ‘break a leg’ as you go into full swing production…*HUGS* from northern Minnesota

  2. Sam Doman says:

    This looks awesome!! My 11 year old autistic brother loves movies with war and Nazis so he can’t wait to see this movie. Hope you have a good time filming!!