D-Day -17: Off to a bad start…

November 1st, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

I just arrived to Frankfurt. The weather is nice and our production office house is big. Yeah, you heard right – it’s a friggin’ 5-floor *house* where all the production people and the departments are located. I even have an office – and a big office that is!

So for the next 1,5 months, we’ll all be here, shooting the first half of Iron Sky. I’m really excited on getting finally to shoot the film I’ve been working on for so long – and now, it’s finally coming together and becoming real. But, to be honest, I did have a bad start for the trip:

But then again, don’t they say that smithereens bring good luck! Let’s hope that’s what it means:)

Poor Picard, though… Hope somebody manages to fix him. I feel really bad for him.

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12 Responses to “D-Day -17: Off to a bad start…”

  1. itm says:

    päätöntä menoa

  2. Lunic says:


  3. hombrelobo says:


    That was actually a sign !!! Break with the past, create a new and a better future !! Iron Sky is the limit ! :D

  4. Clive says:

    When wishing an actor all the best before going on stage the phrase is “Break a leg”. Presumably “Breaking a neck” is even better luck!

  5. Kyanor says:

    Timo the master of breaking stuff accidentally.

  6. Richard K. Dotter says:

    You should have sent someone you could trust, not to lose their head so easily. Spilt milk however. Now thats it’s happened , tell him to head to Frankfurts redlight district. To seek a replacement ,& perhaps spares. I was told , you could get a little head there.

  7. Svensson says:

    Kudos to your great enterprise. I’ve seen the teaser and the look and feel is awesome. Texture, surface and – as intimated – feel – are important in films like these and I’m confident that you’ll deliver.

  8. Kyanor:

    You have no idea. I can’t even remember how many meeting room chairs he has destroyed, just this year.

  9. I have two favourite Timo The Destroyer moments. First was when he managed to break a flashlight made of aircraft grade aluminium in two. Second was the time he destroyed his water- and shockproof phone while sleeping.

  10. Marshal says:


    In the Czech republic we actually say “Break a neck” instead “Break a leg”, so from my point of view it’s a definitely good sign :)

  11. Jarmo:

    Tough talk from a guy whom I’ve seen rip a toilet door off the wall… ;)

  12. Janos: Well… what can I say, Timo is my hero :D