Iron Sky Signal #16 – The Costume Department

November 4th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

The new episode of Iron Sky Signal is out, and this time we are visiting The Dungeon, also known as Iron Sky costume and props department. This is the part of the film crew who is responsible for the awesome Moon Nazi Trooper suits you have already seen (and some really awesome spacesuits you haven’t yet seen!) plus 400 other costumes.

So, dear internet, welcome to The Dungeon!

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10 Responses to “Iron Sky Signal #16 – The Costume Department”

  1. Marshal says:

    My regards and my respect to the residents of dungeon :) You are doing a great job!

  2. Marko says:

    I have an proposal/idea/contributing advice (called as u like).

    Abba…U must agree that all those props can be put on some Special auction for all of us HC fan..after
    shooting and space carnage (which can be/look even better with worn out vintage style

    In that case U will amaze every fan, Spread the word far beyond Net and gather some serious money alltogether.

    What do you say about this UBER idea..hahah

    Just cons!der OK..And refresh news_mail…PLSsss =D

  3. Great installment Timo. Too often the people behind the scenes are not recognized for their great work. I am really looking forward to when Iron Sky is released.

  4. Paco says:

    Hi folks! Can i call you folks?

    Each time, i saw a an Iron Sky Signal, i feel impatient to watch the movie but it makes no doubts that there is still a lot of work.

    Thank you for sharing the progress of your work.

    Paco from France

  5. mustafa93 says:

    this is frickin awesome!!!!

  6. Giff says:

    I agree with Bill, too many times the team members working behind the scenes are never really introduced – this is a very interesting clip!

    I can’t wait for this Film to come out – really, I see whats coming out of Hollywood in the near future and I still await Iron Sky before ANY of those!

  7. leahcim says:

    Awsome! It is so exciting to see this idea made into a film. From what I have read the idea of Space Nazis is the pinical of what some call conspiracy theories. I cant think of anything more interesting, creative and funny. You are making one of the greatest films of all time!

  8. Thanks Bill and Giff, that warms my heart – in our ongoing “making of” stuff we really want to give credit and visibility to all the dozens and dozens of people who are involved in a movie like this, but whom you usually see mainly in the credits. It’s incredible how many people, time and talent it takes to make a movie.

  9. Richard K. says:

    damn…wanna have one of those uniforms too! but the SS logo would make it illegal here in germany! why? it’s just a sci-fi film uniform! okey..nazi uniform but from sci fi!
    perhaps there is a way…

  10. Amélie says:

    Damn! I wish there some warriors props/costumes left to buy! I love this movie! Contact me pleaaaaase!