D-Day -9: Stunts and SFX

November 7th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

We had a big meeting with our stunt and SFX people today. Suddenly, my office was completely cramped with people figuring out how to make these scenes which are so surprisingly easy to draw on a storyboard to actually be filmable. Our stunt coordinator Mark Sieger and SFX coordinator Harry from Harry’s Special Effects basically ruled the meeting with questions, suggestions and ideas. I never had understood what kind of needs there are for stunts before starting to really look into it – everything from security to stunt drivers, stunt coordination of the actors to what you could call stunt action (somebody flying across the screen and so on). Special Effects are the real effects that we see on screen – the ones that are not done with CGI. We have some explosions, a lot of steam, smoke, wind and all this kind of things, plus – of course – shooting which needs blood and gunshots.

Here’s just a quick excerpt from the meeting, didn’t get to do a proper Director’s Diary, sorry:

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3 Responses to “D-Day -9: Stunts and SFX”

  1. Jaap says:

    You’re gonna use real squibs for the gun impacts on the actors? Cool!

    Tip from my side: Keep it realistic, so no heavy blood sprays from entry wounds but rather ”puffs” and a little blood, like Saving Private Ryan. (in reality most blood is absorbed by the first layer, like a shirt, so on thick Nazi costumes you don’t see much blood directly)

    Btw, it would be fun if I you make a YouTube clip of a crew member getting ”squibbed” with some dramatic music. :P

    Btw, how heavy will the violence be? PG13-like or more R-rated?

  2. Yes, we’re going to use squibs on actors, and I agree with you, too excessive blood just makes it ridiculous (in a wrong way), so we’re going more for a puff of blood. The film will most probably get a PG13-rating.

  3. Jaap says:

    Be very carefull, even with blood puffs (so when the puffs are red) you can easily get an R rating.
    An occasional blood squib is allowed, like when Witwer gets shot in Monirity report, but you only see it once.
    More save is not to use blood and only squibbed dust bags.

    And only use the F-word once, in a non-sexual way, (and absolutely no Motherf—–) or else you inmediately go to R.

    Most realistic is, IMHO, keeping the rating around 12+ in Europe and say ”so be it” to an R rating in the USA, if you’ve seen ”This Film is Not Yet Rated” you know that the MPAA is everything but frank and realiable and very nitpicky when you don’t have a big bag of money.

    So what do you want?