Iron Sky Shoot, Day 1: Play ball!

November 18th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

Today we had our very first actual shootings of Iron Sky. The location was under bridge here in Frankfurt, and we shot some quite an important scenes especially for Chris Kirby‘s character Washington. Not surprisingly, given that today was the first day, the wheels started to turn a bit slowly in the morning – we were a bit behind the schedule right from the start – but quite soon we managed to catch up what we had lost and finished the shootings with all the pictures we needed for the day.

Photo: Tarja Jakunaho

The material was excellent – Mika Orasmaa, our Director of Photography, managed to catch some quite cool shots, and the weather was very good – although the active time with the light is not that long this late of the year, so we had to fight to get the last shots before the sun went down.

This was also of course the first day for our team to work together in the battlefield. It’s good to see that the working methods of work crews from three different countries – Finland, Germany and Australia – fell together quite nicely together in the end.

We had been rehearsing some of the scenes with the actors beforehand, which proved to be extremely helpful in order to get the best performance out within very limited time. The first day was quite a dip in the deep end of the pool, since we had a bit of of special effects, stunt action and important character moments spread around in three different directions that take place more or less simultaneously, so figuring out the continuity of it was quite a challenge.

But luckily, I had Mr. Picard there helping me out. He agreed to help me out with the production all through. As long as I promise to keep his head between his shoulders, and preferably in one piece. A new day tomorrow – now, I’m heading to bed.

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