Iron Sky Shoot Day 3: Last day at the Castle

November 20th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

Time is the luxury no filmmaker has enough, and today was a day fighting for every minute of shooting time we had. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but after the morning, things just… started to go slow. It’s one of those things you can’t fight when you know that there’s still bunch of pictures we just *need* to shoot in order to edit the scenes together. Today was the last possible day in the best possible location for us, and we had a huge load of shots to be shot, and one scene just didn’t seem to end. I was feeling desperate when the time was 17:30, and we were still shooting, and wrap time was 20:45 – and we were yet to cover 3 pages of script, one full scene, before the wrap.

But as we got rid of the scene, everything started suddenly to move much faster. Probably it had something to do with us clearing our minds and starting over with something completely new, but suddenly it all was just… clear as a day. We managed to finish shootings in time, and the stuff we shot was just awesome. Here’s a picture of one of our sets – basically, a big-ass green screen in front of the castle where we were also shooting the interiors.

Day was packed, and we can be darn happy we got everything we needed plus some extra, but looking at tomorrow, I’m already feeling a bit… scared. Tomorrow’s shootings are outside all the time. It’s night shootings, so it’s going to be cold as hell. In addition to that, we’ll be shooting one stunt scene in the red lights district with Hell’s Angels taking care of the security. And in addition to that, there’s a huge, 15,000 people concert going on almost next door to our location, so we’ll see into what interesting adventures we will end up with…

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7 Responses to “Iron Sky Shoot Day 3: Last day at the Castle”

  1. Jaap says:

    I knew you were the one who choose that zoom lens, because it’s an OpTIMO ;)

    Keep up the good work!

    Btw, when things calm down a bit, could the DP tell more about the enquipment, light and style he uses?

  2. A+ says:

    Awesome! The RED loves low temperature ambient!

    Timo, please contact me for one simple short question.

  3. Akondo says:

    Nice work so far. Really like the story line. Also like the Internet updates.
    Keep up the excellent job.
    See ya, from Wisconsin USA.


  4. ROBB aka RJM1138 says:

    Huge green screen! What’s in the scene?

  5. Jaap: Good idea, I’ll ask few words on the equipment today or tomorrow and do a Director’s Diary out of ‘em.

    Robb: Sorry, mate! Can’t tell ya! :)

  6. Hi suggesting this to afew people at B-SKY-B London, Should pitch this to SKY TV!

    Great work. By the way I have an interview with an Elite British Military soldier, who was on mission in the Jordanian Desert in 1958. Their mission was to take out a secret meeting, which would have effected the whole of the Mid East. JUST before the elite team went in, 2 Huge Flying Saucers took off. They were the size of Football fields! They were quite well used looking. I showed this guy the book Hitler’s Flying Saucers, and Yes!!!! He identifed them as being similar to the design of the later versions.
    So Nazi Flying Saucers seen in 1958, in Jordan. Seen by a Elite British hit squad, fighting the Annunaki-Illuminati!
    My stuff on You tube is under Megawatts1066, its The Bases series, I have some really weird stuff, about Mind Control and & Super Soldiers, like James Casbolt, Dr Rauni Kilde.
    Look forward to the film, it looks really Great.
    Ever heard of “Alternative 3″, this show (1978) identified several secret Russian and US bases on the far side of the moon. Oh yes and after that mission… they recovered 2 special glass plates which had holographic hi-ET teck. All true.

    Great Shooting!]
    Miles J / Megawatts1066

  7. “Awesome! The RED loves low temperature ambient!