Iron Sky Shoot Day 4: Break a leg. Or maybe not…

November 21st, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

…so the morning starts with me walking out for a well-deserved cigarette after a 5 kilometer run (healthy, I know…), and finding that one of our actors had had an accident, and a leg was now broken. The news got better and better, since we learned that the actor isn’t going to be able to walk and is having a cast in the leg – probably for quite some time, too. After the absurdity of the situation sank in, we were just forced to face it, and started to figure out clever ways to go around this problem somehow.

I was able to push this aside for the day, and we were able to shoot awesome material – stunts, a bit of action and ending the day up into a limousine, driving around Frankfurt and shooting a beautiful (and quite sexy) little scene. We also had bunch of extras showing up, and one of our long-time friends, Bugsy, brought us some dearly needed Salmiakki. Thanks, Bugs!

(Photo by Timo Vuorensola)

(Photo by Tarja Jakunaho)

Tomorrow’s gonna be one hell of a day. We have… Uh, I can’t even begin to describe what we actually have. But we have a lot of that :)

If we’ll be alive after tomorrow, that concludes the first week of shootings here in Frankfurt, and then I’m going to get wasted like I was a Finnish punk band.

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One Response to “Iron Sky Shoot Day 4: Break a leg. Or maybe not…”

  1. hombrelobo says:

    Behind you ? That sounded … well …. :)