Iron Sky Shoot Day 5: KABOOM!

November 23rd, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

The last shooting day of the first week was a blast, quite literally. We had closed down the one of the busiest streets of Frankfurt, mustered 100+ extras, fans and freaks together and shot some nice street chaos, dressing the set to look like New York, and then prepped a huge explosion in the middle of the street.

I had illegal amounts of fun doing the scenes – first, we had some fighting action, then explosions, chaos and ending the day by getting the people to sing the national hymn of USA. And all this took place during Totensonntag (“The Dead Sunday”), a German holiday celebrating the memory of the deceased. It’s supposed to be a silent holiday, during which time it’s not appropriate to play music publicly (at least in some states) – yet, we kinda did that. And exploded a street. We’ll be haunted, that’s for sure.

(Photo by Tarja Jakunaho)

The day was great. The extras and the fans that had showed up were just fantastic, and everything worked just perfectly. We had dragged a whole bunch of American cars, New York taxis and so on into the scene, changed all the street lights, street signs and the street paintings – we were even supposed to have a stunt flying across the explosion scene, but that we just had to skip because the equipment wasn’t working – unfortunately. But eventually, when we finally prepared the explosion and it went KABOOM, everything looked just fantastic. People were really scared, and the light and the dust from the explosion was just plain beautiful.

More than that, I think we managed to fake NY quite well in this scene. It did take quite a long time to prepare, but I was positively surprised on how well the street looked through the camera lens.

Today and tomorrow we have two days off. We went to get our drink on after the shoot, and I found myself from a 24-hour bar downtown at 08:00 in the next morning with bunch of our crew. I found my way to home softly as ever, only stopping for a breakfast to Hotel Continental, and today I’ve been doing a bunch of interviews starting midday, and then went through most of the material we’ve shot here in Frankfurt, and I’m happy to say that it works really really well! I’m so proud of my actors, they’re all doing great job!

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16 Responses to “Iron Sky Shoot Day 5: KABOOM!”

  1. Kalle Max says:

    AWESOME Guys! This is most probably the coolest set that has ever been built in central Frankfurt :D

  2. Jaap says:

    Great, what a set!
    But I want to see a bit of the ”KABOOM” (only a few seconds)

  3. Bugsy says:

    And during the actor interviews we did get that wonderful Kummeli moment.. the answer is… is… Känäda!! Okay so I found it totally hilarious.. :D

  4. Wreckfan says:

    Thank you very much for these Director´s Diaries which you have made so many in so short time. It´s really great to get last news from you nearly on daily base.

    Are you going to make some longer vids during production like new Iron Sky Signals in which you would have more time just to talk about production it´s details and eccetera? These director´s diaries are nice but currently so short but I quess you´re in hurry there to make much more currently.

    I´m fan of your previous movie ItP and I´ve been waiting Iron Sky since you put out first version of it´s website.
    Really great to finally see that IS is coming into reality.

    Also SneakPeak idea is great and I´ve allready signed for it.

    Have strenght to continue your amazing work!

  5. Jaap: You gotta wait for the film, unfortunately :) But it worked very well!

    Wreckfan: Director’s Diaries are short-form and if possible unedited stuff from the set, so in many cases it’s not as informative as possible, and Signals are for more information-based things – and some have requested a Signal on our more technical side, I’ll suggest this!

  6. JDeckart says:

    As an Extra on this day I just want to thank you for your cool work.
    It was a plesaure shooting with you.

  7. THeOReos says:

    A friend of mine and me were at the set as “fans” and it was a so much fun – a really nice and cool crew to work with, even though I think some of them were really stressed! thank you not only for bringing this film to reality but also for this great day!

  8. Jaap says:

    I saw somewhere there were TV interviews on set, do you happen to know which TV channel it was and where I can watch them?

    Btw, how did they inform everyone in the area for the upcoming ”KABOOM”? Especially now with the terrorist threats in Germany people would scare the crap out of them.

  9. JDeckart and THeOReos – thank YOU for showing up. And yes, there were some people quite stressed, it’s always fighting against fading daylight and schedules and all that but we managed to do quite well in the end!

  10. sindre says:

    Wow, realy looking forward to see the movie. I have a good feeling about this :-)

  11. Bugsy says:

    @Jaap: The TV crew were from Norway, as I understood the main channel over there, whatever it is..

  12. Omar says:

    eii!!! ya quiero ver el producto final en el cine!!! saludos dsd mexico!

  13. Micha says:

    At which day is the next shooting day in frankfurt? i will come around and check my most wanted movie ;-)

  14. It was a pleasure to have you amazing people on set, playing in such a fantastic way the last day in New YORk!!!!!!!!…I loved it.I am so thankful for all the great fans who supported us!!!!!
    What a difference a day makes!;-)

  15. Bibs says:

    I bet Jake was drinking with you, until the morning, on your bender

  16. “The TV crew were from Norway, as I understood the main channel over there, whatever it is..”