Iron Sky Shoot, Day 6: Dr. Richter’s Laboratory

November 25th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

I gotta say, the Art Department of Iron Sky is doing just continuously amazing, breathtaking work in creating sets that just keep on blowing me away every time. I thought that the White House was going to be the greatest set, but walking into Dr. Richter’s Laboratory, our set for today, I was just swept down, again. The room was quite small and stuffed with things – we built it in Opel factory’s old bunker – but the amount of details, the colors and the finishing was just amazing. It’s quite exactly as I’ve always pictured it to be when working on the script… Ulrika von Vegesack, Astrid Poeschke and their teams have been continuously exceeding themselves in excellency. Big thanks to them!

Photo: Tarja Jakunaho

Today was also the first day I got to work with Tilo Prückner who’s playing the part of Dr. Richter, a Nazi scientist who’s taken his experiments one step further, and turned them almost into works of art. Tilo is an amazing actor – you may remember him from his roles in such films as The Neverending Story and The Counterfeiters - and I just continue to amaze how great privilege it is to get to work with such experienced, professional and great actors as our cast is.

Photo: Tarja Jakunaho

We had a wonderful day today – I, to be honest, think we shot possibly the most beautiful stuff of the whole shoot today – and I’m really happy to return to Opel tomorrow to finish the shoot at Dr. Richter’s, and then moving on to Renate’s apartment.

So yes, today was the first time we shot material that takes place actually on the Moon. And the images, the lights and the camerawork Mika Orasmaa was able to create was beyond my wildest dreams.

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5 Responses to “Iron Sky Shoot, Day 6: Dr. Richter’s Laboratory”

  1. mualj von taulu says:

    See you at the party, Richter!

    Really can’t wait for this movie, looks good.

  2. Mikko Kalliola says:


  3. M!CKY says:

    Cooool, the old OPEL bunker is just in front of me. I can see it out of my window………

  4. Kerhohuone says:

    At least, at this point, judging from these stills, I smell that certain flavor I was looking for.


  5. para kazanma says:

    “Really can’t wait for this movie, looks good.