Iron Sky Shoot, Day 15: One Thousand Frames Per Second

December 9th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

We finished shooting on Sunday at Main Tower in Frankfurt – the second day in the same set. There, we had a big scene with bunch of actors and extras fighting, and enjoyed our time a lot. It was also my first day of shooting with a Weisscam, which is able to film 1000 frames per second to create extreme slow motion shots. To make it happen, one needs a lot of light, and the camera only shoots 12 seconds / take, and the interesting thing is that it’s constantly filming when it’s on – the only thing is you decide when you push CUT, and it records the last 12 seconds that’s been going on in front of it’s lense. Then you’re able to view it in super slow motion speed, which is an extremely stylish way to shoot say a fist fight or other action pieces. You see all the small details very clearly and it looks awesome.

The actors and the extras were great fun and really sport. After the long day was over, we wrapped two of our main actors – Stephanie Paul and Michael Cullen (The President and Secretary of Defence) – which was strange and a bit sad. We had great days with them, and suddenly – their stuff was shot and they went on. As Tero said, it feels almost like the filming hasn’t even started yet, although we’ve shot already 3 weeks, and we’re already wrapping our main cast members. I feel honored being able to work with such a great actors, and definitely am looking forward to work with them in the coming films I (hopefully) get to make!

It was a good day, great set and the material was pure awesome.

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