Iron Sky Sneak Peek – Read the First Five Minutes of the Script!

December 15th, 2010 by Janos Honkonen

As you may have noticed, we celebrated the start of the filming of Iron Sky by publishing a new service called Iron Sky Sneak Peek, where we will publish the first five minutes of the film right when it’s ready, and before the film is officially published. In addition to that we offer the possibility for everybody to see how those five minutes are created, step by step. The cost of this is one euro, but if you want, you can pay more for the fun – crowdfunding is still a very important part of financing the film for us, and every euro counts.

The thing is, we want to give you something tangible in return right away, even before the film is out. Last month we told you about the idea behind Iron Sky and the opening scene of the film. Now you get to see something much more concrete:

The Script.

Yes, we just uploaded the first five minutes of the actual shooting script of Iron Sky into Go forth and enjoy!

The Iron Sky team is slowly getting ready for a short Christmas pause, but we still have more fun stuff coming out before the holidays. Thanks to each and every one of you who have already helped us!

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7 Responses to “Iron Sky Sneak Peek – Read the First Five Minutes of the Script!”

  1. Joona says:

    Oh.. my… god.. Holy crap! Actually it’s a bit scary, because my expectations just went through the roof after reading that!

  2. Tuomas says:

    I must say that my expectations came back inside from the roof. It just had an amount of cheap stupidity in it that doesn’t really fit well with the absurd seriousness that I was expecting. Jokes just seem to be too simple, and having too simple jokes makes one wonder if the script itself can’t deliver without them.

    Of course it’s just a small fraction of the whole, but the beginning is very important in defining the overall feel of the movie.

  3. Wolfgang says:

    I thought the humor in the opening shots was a bit too silly, but I liked how it progressed from there.

  4. Jaap says:

    But after the silliness it gets quite dark…

    I find it hard to say something about the story, based on things already released some things look damn serious and other things look very parody-like, so I’m really curious how this melts togheter. (and that’s maybe one of the most interesting things about this film; the concept is quite daring)

    But let’s not forget that on paper things look a lot more ”direct”, so to speak.
    Falling on your butt is visually a lot funnier than in a script. ;)

    And btw, we get to see the scene in many stages, so we can always give feedback if we think things get a bit too silly. ;)

  5. Tuomas says:

    Yes it might look funny but it doesn’t make internal sense. If you have a huge multi billion dollar propaganda campaign you don’t screw it up by having clumsy idiots in the spotlight. I would prefer having the setting funny (as in totally absurd), but actions still should make internal sense in the context.

    Of course there’s certain things pointing that maybe the guy isn’t actually professional but some kind of famous publicity guy sent there just for looks, in which case it actually does make internal sense having him behave like total idiot.

  6. Nona Mills says:

    Oh.. my… god.. Holy crap! Actually it’s a bit scary, because my expectations just went through the roof after reading that!

  7. Fanboy says:

    Well I´m interested to see how script looks as final video material. Sure it´s funny but maybe first 5 min are just meant to fool audience to think that film´s gonna be usual hollywood style nazi comedy. Although hearing much about that IS gonna be death serious parody I´m also a bit suprised. Well anyway SneakPeak is worthy of paying. Keep things coming!