Police Brutality in Frankfurt

December 16th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

As some of you have read in the press, a couple of our team members had a bit of an unfortunate end for the Frankfurt shooting trip, and many of you are worried.

So, to keep rumours from running amok, here’s what happened.

Long story short, we were spending the last night in Germany in a small bar after a sushi lunch, chatting about the last 1,5 months in Frankfurt and what to expect for the coming Australian shoot. I left the bar earlier that night, lucky me, since soon after I was gone, the police attacked the bar, dragged some of our crew members out, beat the shit out of them and then left without an explanation.

Thanks, guys. What the hell?

Here’s what happened: the remaining three troopers of Iron Sky crew (we specifically do not want to reveal their names – so even if you know who we are talking about, please don’t shout their names to the net) were sipping their drinks in the wee hours of morning, when suddenly the door was slammed open, and four or so coppers and police dogs rushed in. They grabbed our team members very damn brutally, and manhandled them out on the street, smashing the Australian guy face first into the concrete. Then they handcuffed him, and started kicking him while he was on the ground. The other guy – a Finn – tried to stop them and find out what was going on, but he was put down on this knees, and when he tried to get up, the last thing he remembers is a police coming at him fast, before he woke up in an ambulance with a headwound.

After the police had more or less kicked everyone’s arse, they told the guys to go to the ambulance that had appeared in the scene. And then they left.

So, they charged in, beat the shit out of our guys and left. No charges, no reasons, no explanation. Just random act of violence.

Not surprisingly, we’re pissed off. We had great time in Frankfurt, wonderful shoot and everything, and then a bunch of cops come and ruin the whole thing.

Anyway. We’re all OK now, but it did leave a sour taste for the Frankfurt shoot. We’re figuring out with a German lawyer the ways to proceed in order to get some justice – or at least some kind of an explanation – but given that the cops are most likely not going to admit they did anything wrong, and there was quite a heap of them, it might be quite hard. When there is a problem with the police, there’s always the risk that the incident will get buried. We now hope that the resulting publicity will make the Frankfurt police investigate this incident properly.

EDIT: We were asked by our German lawyer to take down the photos of the injuries. Legal action is now underway. We will return the images when we get an okay from our lawyer.

Tl;dr: German police beat the shit out of Iron Sky team members; everyone’s OK, but damn pissed off.

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242 Responses to “Police Brutality in Frankfurt”

  1. Bugsy says:

    Joona, I agree that the best thing to do is sit down, calm down and let the legal guys handle it for now. Making angry blog posts about the incident just draws the kind of slander towards everybody and everything involved (as seen in here), and in the end makes everyone look bad. I’m also wanting to hear the full story from both sides before drawing conclusions. Not that I say anyone is lying, it’s just that all parties may genuinely have different observations and interpretations of the situation.

    Regarding an arrest, it’s the same as in Finland: you may get thrown out of a bar, but that alone is no cause for arrest. I think the terms “resisting arrest” and “resisting a police officer” have gotten all mixed up here.

    What I’m saying is, the Finnish police may have a lot of patience when dealing with drunk people, but in countries where public drunkenness is more or less shunned upon (again in most countries I believe), the police have less tolerance for it and will hold it against you, fair or not. In fact, in Frankfurt you can get away with smoking pot quite easily, even in bars, but too much alcohol and it’s a different story (perhaps because the potheads tend not to start arguments or cause any trouble, while those who drink a lot are already suspect because they are breaking the norm). Imagine the same situation in Finland, who’d get thrown out first, the stoner or the drunk? Cultural differences.

  2. Marcus says:

    @ Bowie

    Of course the use of force was maybe! unneccesary, but Iron sky writes:
    “and four or so coppers and police dogs rushed in. They grabbed our team members very damn brutally, and manhandled them out on the street, smashing the Australian guy face first into the concrete. Then they handcuffed him, and started kicking him while he was on the ground”

    “4 or so cops and police dogs”
    - It was ONE police dog and probably 4 Police-men, because for every police dog you need 1 special officer who can handle the dog. You will never see FOUR Police officers with 2 dogs in Germany, because 2 dogs are more trouble than necessary.

    “rushed in”

    -sure … in black coats I guess

    “very damn brutally, and manhandled them out on the street, smashing the Australian guy face first into the concrete”

    -Pictures pls. If you SMASH someones Face he should’ve at least a purple eye, a broken nose, …

    “Then they handcuffed him, and started kicking him while he was on the ground.”

    -Not even a broken rip or a blue eye …

    Did Iron sky mention that the police called an ambulance to escort them to the hospital? No, why not?

    Because this destroys your fantasy of “4 or so cops and police dogs” in Black uniforms and some bloodlusting German shepherds who drag out innocent foreigners, “brutally” manhandle them and let em die on the street.

    This whole story is totally exaggerated. If you think 1 purple knee and a cut justifies this kind of description, you should go back to Kindergarten or better be home @ 6pm.

  3. JanneJeesus says:

    Bugsy, if you resist a police officer you tend to get arrested. More so if they have to use force, in fact it’s guaranteed. So if they “started a rampage” and resisted police officers and they had to use such a force why weren’t they arrested?

    All we know for sure:

    1. Three people were in a bar
    2. The police came in
    3. They used force (and the results were seen in pictures)
    4. They didn’t arrest anybody

    So we don’t know anything else for sure. When I look to those facts it doesn’t even matter what the three guys did. The police didn’t act smart, that’s the bottom line. Or is it a standard German police procedure to beat up people and then just leave?

  4. BloodyFox says:

    This is just ridiculous. Scandinavians come to Germany, see that alcohol is much more affordable here and can’t restrain themselves. If you’re asked to leave a bar, because they’re closing, and refuse, and start swearing, well, no wonder the barkeep will call the police and no wonder the police won’t treat your crew with kids gloves if they can’t behave.

    They had it comming and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the police used some force just because your crew tried to resist. If this were America, they’d probably got tased.

  5. JanneJeesus says:

    Well, Marcus. If the German police beat me up some day I’ll try to count human officers and non human officers accurately. Multitasking:
    1. take a kicking
    2. count the number of assholes beating you up

    No problem.

    And of course I must not forget to take enough photos and put them online and keep them online (even if my lawyer asks to take them down).

  6. JanneJeesus says:

    BloodyFox, haha. I can’t believe it. You guys seriously think that price of alcohol is a factor here? And because the crew members are from Finland they can’t restrain themselves? That’s weak. So, how you explain that the one who the police attacked first is not from Finland? I don’t say Scandinavians because Finland is not part of Scandinavia. Do you know how that sounds?

  7. sHR00m says:

    i am from germany and theres simply no explanation no matter how i put it. usually policemen here wouldnt act like stated, especially with possible witnesses. sure they would arrest people that cant behave but what reason would they have to just show up, beat up some guys and leave. theres absolutely no logical explanation for this. i heard multiple stories about illegal activities including torture while in custody etc but this story just doesnt fit in. id imagine that people didnt get your film project and maybe thought youre spreading nazi propaganda, which could probably lead to unpleasant conflicts with the law but still you would have ended up in custody.

    id say you hide parts of your story and/or didnt tell the truth. viral marketing?

  8. BloodyFox says:

    @ Janne

    Taken from Wikipedia: “Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe that includes Denmark and two of the Scandinavian Peninsula’s countries, Norway and Sweden. In common English usage, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland are sometimes considered part of Scandinavia.”

    So, how does that sound now? And nice to see that the crew can’t even restrain themselves when price isn’t a factor. If you’re asked to leave and don’t and still don’t do so when the police arrives, well, you have to live with your bruises. And seriously, if they really kicked the shit out of one guy, he should have bruises all over his torso or internal bleedings. But I guess the whole evening is a blur for the crew, I wonder why that is… oh, I remember…

  9. SomeDude says:

    Geez, “BloodyFox” seems to know an awful lot of what really happened. Maybe he was there? Or maybe he’s a disgusting apologist for possible police brutality the thought of he can’t handle. Or better yet, he does it for pure malice.

  10. wut? says:

    Hard to believe, though nothing is impossible. Are there other witnesses for that ? What about the ambulance crew ? Sounds either like some “Freaks went to the Theatrefundus showing up as police or a real bad thing one should go after – I am German.
    Shure it wasn’t a call of the stuff to leave the bar ?
    more info wanted.. M

  11. Joona says:

    Sure, sure, Bugsy. All I am saying is just show me the evidence before taking names, and I know these guys would not intentionally lie. I do not know the officers in question, so it is pretty clear where I stand before proved otherwise.

    Also, most Finns do indeed have a different view on a citizen’s rights. And in fact can and will intervene if they think your friend is hassled unjustly be it police or military or whatever. What a Finn may think is just a justified and even polite official question from the cops to explain their action and/or showing their badge, a German cop might consider “insubordination” or “resisting arrest” (remember, no arrest here so that point is moot). Dunno, have no encounters with Jerry cops, but I DO know generally Australians are considered more relaxed and liberal than Yanks or Brits. Just read “Judge Dredd in Oz.” I’d let the guy speak for himself if he wishes, and I don’t doubt he will in court or at least prelim investigation.

    But this is just speculation, and we’ll know more after the holidays, I hope. I just get pissed when my friend Julian is called a troll when she’s done nothing wrong except being a bit edgy over clear attempts to maliciously slander people she does not know, but in a special manner considers friends after several years of being an active fan and participator, and therefore has a protective attitude. As she said, “I feel like my cousins just got beaten to shit”.


  12. Julian says:

    “Finns not being able to hold their liquor” has got to be one of the least credible claims I’ve ever heard.

  13. Bowie says:

    jaja wie auch immer. Polizei SA/SS. Jegliche Diskussion mit offensichtlichen Fans von Polizeigewalt ist sinnlos. genausogut könnte man Humanismus mit KZ-Wärtern diskutieren.

    ->>> anyhow, ACAB. Any discussions with blatant fans of police violence is useless. You could try discussing humanism with concentration camp guards as well.

  14. Marcus says:

    Well, I guess Fins can restrain themselves, at least the Fins I know of. But you should look at the Australians @ Oktoberfest. Every day till breakdown.

  15. JanneJeesus says:

    BloodyFox, so, you judge a group of people by their nationality? That’s interesting. It kind of reminds me of something…

    Yes, the English version of wikipedia says that but nevertheless it’s incorrect definition. Non English version of wikipedia says the same thing little differently. But that’s not the point here.

  16. crish says:

    Don´t get your hopes to high. Most lawsuits against police men in germany end in a verdict of not guilty. If they are ever heard in a court.

  17. Makettaja says:

    Ok, I was too hasty when I called Julian a troll, but the only comment written by her (whic I had seen) was:

    “Go play elsewhere, little troll children, adults are speaking.
    Go crawl back into your dank little holes.”

  18. Makettaja says:


  19. Joona says:

    Ok, Makettaja. As you know, we all are protective of our friends. Especially if we are males and our friends are females. I would like to point out that although she was clearly pissed, Julian didn’t address anyone personally, and from your nick I gather you’re a Finn. And know what “se koira älähtää…” means.

    As for me, I declare Yule Peace (although I couldn’t care less for the archbishop in fuckin’ Turku). Ja HEL-VETIN railakasta uutta vuotta. Excuse me, I’m off to chainsaw Santa’s horns off.


  20. Bugsy says:

    I’m just wondering why the arrest thing is such a big point here. The police deal with dozens of troublemakers in Alt-Sachsenhausen at night. They don’t have the capacity to arrest every single person, nor a need to. If the people in question are no trouble when outside the bar, they’re free to go. This alone does not prove anything. “Resisting a police officer” can also be verbal.

    I’m not defending the actions of the police. But regardless of where your loyalties lie, it’s just not a good idea to put public accusations out there before you have a solid case. Regarding both “sides” that unfortunately now have formed here.

    And JanneJeesus, I just have to say: please leave your immature revenge fantasies against the German police aside. They’re not helping anyone’s case.

  21. Joona says:

    I declared christmas peace, so I won’t fight. Just politely telling you, Bugsy, that in Finland talking back to a cop is not “resisting an officer”. It needs physical action to be an offence. Otherwise the cop reacting with reaction to talkback is committing a crime.

    And “resisting an officer” or “resisting arrest” naturally needs an arrest warrant or an arrest declared by the officer in the first place, or physical action obstructing the work of an officer. I don’t know about Australia. The Finns and maybe the Ozzer were unfortunate enough not to know apparently it is different in Germany. Just wanted to make this clear to avoid misunderstandings.

    Let me tell you another example just for fun. When I was something like 23, we often had a bit wild nights out. We had this polterabend (stag party for Anglos) for one guy with the theme of Jesus Christ and us being dressed in KKK robes. We got shitfaced and made the guy walk through downtown Helsinki in Jesus robes carrying a cross, to our equivalent of Central Park – the Esplanade Park.

    So, we hung the guy on the 2″x4″ cross, and would you know, two black marias full of cops weapons drawn scramble out asking “WHO IS YOUR LEADER!?”

    Well, we laughed at them, told them politely this is just a polterabend joke, and after five minutes and staring down a 9mm barrel from a white hood (removed at their stern but polite request) they got it. And left wishing good evening, and reminding us to get rid of the cross and not burn it. And to take care of the hero of the day cos he was already more than shitfaced.

    That’s how cops should work.

    Peace and watch out for Santa. There are scarier things out there than German cops or drunken Australians and Finns…



  22. JanneJeesus says:

    Bugsy, what revenge fantasies? Seriously, what the hell are you talking about?

  23. Bugsy says:

    No, I’m not here to fight either. I understand your point Joonas: you are used to the police being more lenient and tolerant (though as an aside, you still would not have tried to pull that KKK act in Germany or leave alone the US, because you would have expected a different outcome, right?).

    I think we’re at the heart of the issue here: misunderstandings, miscommunications, and bad choice of actions as a result all ended up in the worst possible scenario. Sometimes every single thing just goes wrong and you’re in the middle of it. I’m trying to see all sides of the story, and it’s not easy when angry. However I do wish that any injustice will be punished. If it turns out to be a bona fide case of random police brutality then I’ll be the first in line to demand justice.

    That said, if I knew any one of the crew in the situation personally, and maybe I do but have not been informed, I’d be rabidly defending them. That’s how loyalty works and I know it.

    JanneJeesus, odd, but I do recall seeing an off-hand comment from you along the lines of “if I ever visit Germany the police will get my warm welcome” at some point. Your above comment is much less provocative of course. My apologies if I have just been imagining things!

    And now indeed, peaceful holidays to all!

  24. JanneJeesus says:

    Bugsy, I’ve never said that but someone else did. I remember that line too.

    Happy xmas or happy holidays to all (whichever rocks your boat)!

  25. Seppo Räty says:

    Seppo Räty would have said: “Saksa on paska maa.”

  26. Mario "Wallace" Apostol says:

    Sorry, it wasn’t like that. Three people were in the nearby “kneipen” and went out to witness what happened. The crew was reminding them more of SA than the police of nazis …
    And it will be way to difficult to keep the names of your heroes out of the internet communities because they have no right to after you went public. The names won’t we made public by me, but by people from the scene both you and me know …
    Wish your crew and you a Merry and Honest Christmas 2010!

  27. NorthState says:

    “”They don’t have the capacity to arrest every single person, nor a need to. If the people in question are no trouble when outside the bar, they’re free to go. This alone does not prove anything. “Resisting a police officer” can also be verbal.”"

    This would be nice improvement for Finnish Police forces?
    The policy is clean: Beat the crap out of them – and go!

    One can only imagine what would happen if Finnish Police would do that kind of thing. :D

  28. Rarian Rakista says:

    Those cops were total Nazis.

  29. Thomas says:

    Nice Promogag but this kind of thing does not happen in Germany

  30. Deann Reese says:

    Bugsy, what revenge fantasies? Seriously, what the hell are you talking about?

  31. yanosz says:

    Stand up – mail human rights watch & amnesty!
    What you’ve encounterd is a good example on how human rights were taken into account in Germnay nowadays. Same stuff happens to a lot of people. Altough Germany the german gouverment is good at pr, its hard to keep that thinks under the hood. So please make other gouverments aware of this issue. See
    * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights_in_Germany#Torture
    * http://www.boingboing.net/2010/10/01/stuttgart-police-use.html
    * http://www.amnesty.org/en/news-and-updates/report/germany-must-investigate-police-abuse-claims-2010-07-08

  32. 4ndy says:

    This story is probably bullshit. Can’t imagine german police doing that. East from Germany, it’s possible.

  33. Budere says:

    Wenn man voll ist und große fresse hat, muss man sich nicht wundern das man ein paar aufs Maul bekommt! So einfach ist das. Ist schon klar, die Polizei kommt in die Kneipe und verprügeln Touristen ohne grund? Vergesst es!

    Vieleicht wart Ihr im Puff und habt von ein paar Zuhältern ins Maul bekommen weil Ihr nicht zahlen wolltet. lol

  34. Schwestere says:

    Absolut richtig, so etwas gibt es in Deutschland nicht. Punkt. Wer sich am letzten Abend mehr als volllaufen lässt und die deutsche Staatsgewalt beschimpft und tätlich angreift, hat es auch nicht anders verdient. Wir sind hier in einem Rechtsstaat und nicht irgendwo in Afrika. Das ist Deutschland hier.

  35. z0r says:

    Schwestere, oh doch. Allerdings schafft es das seltenst in die Medien und so gut wie nie zu einer Verurteilung. Europaweit sind wir in dieser Hinsicht auf allen Statistiken ein Armutszeugnis.
    Und woher weißt du so genau, dass sie sie tätlich angegriffen haben? Gibt es neue Fakten, bist du einer von denen, die in unsere Exekutive so verliebt sind, dass sie absolut keine Kritik zulassen, oder hast du einfach nur gelogen?

  36. lol says:

    LOLOL they didnt even took their money

  37. MDR says:

    Sure, thats what its like in Germany. Police Brutality is on a daily occurrence over here. Please dont mix up a stereotype from the NS-history with the actual way, things ARE.
    Disrespectful incitement…

  38. MDR says:

    ->BAD and disrespectful VIRAL promogag…

  39. SchwarzRitter says:

    Ya, and Nazis live on the moon and will invade Earth in 2018, damn right!! Police don’t just go about beating people!!

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