Police Brutality in Frankfurt

December 16th, 2010 by Timo Vuorensola

As some of you have read in the press, a couple of our team members had a bit of an unfortunate end for the Frankfurt shooting trip, and many of you are worried.

So, to keep rumours from running amok, here’s what happened.

Long story short, we were spending the last night in Germany in a small bar after a sushi lunch, chatting about the last 1,5 months in Frankfurt and what to expect for the coming Australian shoot. I left the bar earlier that night, lucky me, since soon after I was gone, the police attacked the bar, dragged some of our crew members out, beat the shit out of them and then left without an explanation.

Thanks, guys. What the hell?

Here’s what happened: the remaining three troopers of Iron Sky crew (we specifically do not want to reveal their names – so even if you know who we are talking about, please don’t shout their names to the net) were sipping their drinks in the wee hours of morning, when suddenly the door was slammed open, and four or so coppers and police dogs rushed in. They grabbed our team members very damn brutally, and manhandled them out on the street, smashing the Australian guy face first into the concrete. Then they handcuffed him, and started kicking him while he was on the ground. The other guy – a Finn – tried to stop them and find out what was going on, but he was put down on this knees, and when he tried to get up, the last thing he remembers is a police coming at him fast, before he woke up in an ambulance with a headwound.

After the police had more or less kicked everyone’s arse, they told the guys to go to the ambulance that had appeared in the scene. And then they left.

So, they charged in, beat the shit out of our guys and left. No charges, no reasons, no explanation. Just random act of violence.

Not surprisingly, we’re pissed off. We had great time in Frankfurt, wonderful shoot and everything, and then a bunch of cops come and ruin the whole thing.

Anyway. We’re all OK now, but it did leave a sour taste for the Frankfurt shoot. We’re figuring out with a German lawyer the ways to proceed in order to get some justice – or at least some kind of an explanation – but given that the cops are most likely not going to admit they did anything wrong, and there was quite a heap of them, it might be quite hard. When there is a problem with the police, there’s always the risk that the incident will get buried. We now hope that the resulting publicity will make the Frankfurt police investigate this incident properly.

EDIT: We were asked by our German lawyer to take down the photos of the injuries. Legal action is now underway. We will return the images when we get an okay from our lawyer.

Tl;dr: German police beat the shit out of Iron Sky team members; everyone’s OK, but damn pissed off.

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242 Responses to “Police Brutality in Frankfurt”

  1. Speriance says:

    @Robert: thanks, I’ve tried my hand at a more accurate translation in comment #10

    My own take on this after hearing something from both sides: the police were called for a reason (which may have been a bad reason, not all bar owners/workers are all that good at handling miscommunications with guests). The cops then went in with excessive force, which is what they’re likely to do at 4:45 in the morning when they’re pissed off about having to deal with more or less drunk individuals for hours. The statement Robert relayed sounds like the usual ass-covering bullshit they release afterwards, making it seem like they used minimal force and “he tripped down the stairs, honest guv”. They didn’t care about giving answers before because they had no idea the people they beat up could drum up any publicity (the drunks they usually handle can’t).

    Same old same old. I am personally very sorry this happened in my country, and I think it was really bad luck, this sort of thing certainly isn’t typical but it does happen. Best of luck with the legal wrangling.

  2. OrR says:

    Making a movie about moon nazis, were you really that surprised to find out that our good old Germany still has a lot of elements of a totalitarian state?

  3. Jan B. says:

    Come on guys, who is supposed to believe this bullshit? Yo’re probably not even black or muslims. I guess you just want to heighten the profile of your shitty space nazis-film.

  4. Jaap says:

    Why are you commenting on this blog? (and why would I believe YOU?)

  5. Alex Juschken says:

    seriously.. no one is going to believe that. i liked the trailer.. but this story? come on.. better delete it, before it leaks.

  6. Joona says:

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  7. EDK says:

    I had a hard time believing the story. After the police statement came out, it just makes much more sense. I do understand you loyalty to the cast, but come on: It’s more than obvious that your friends just have a hard time dealing with the cheap alcohol in Germany. So give it a rest, delete the post and stop bitching about “police brutality”.

  8. Jaap says:

    Deleting doesn’t make sense, it’s all over the internet now. ;)

  9. Bowie says:

    it’s pretty common in Germany to you find “Hooligans in Uniform” amongst Policemen. As said before that’s partially “system-immanent”

    Being drunk can never justify beating the shit out of a bunch of foreigners. They should be treated like guest, not beaten to hospital. Policemen are trained well to cope with situations like that WITHOUT heavily injuring their opponents.

    Then again covering the real facts of such an incident is a well known practice amongst German Police. Just an example: In 2008 there were 680 cases werde Berlin Policemen got accused because of aggravated assault (“schwere Körperverletzung”). NO ONE got sentenced to anything. NO ONE!!

  10. mupmup says:

    sorry, i dont buy this story.

    ur film crew is peacefully sitting in the bar, then for no reason police enters and beats the shit out of them?

    sorry, but in my opinion you are the ones to be sued for making this fantasy story public!

  11. Irma says:

    Why don’t you believe it? I bet you have seen too much TV.
    I’ve witnessed two times police brutality and once the police (4 he-man-like-guys) broke in an apartment, man-handled the owner few minutes and then suddenly the police realized it was a wrong fucking apartment :o Go Finnish police!!!
    So, they left without giving any explanation. Later they denied everything.

    This shit happens everyday. Open your eyes….

  12. gloo says:

    well guys, welcome to germany


  13. FnPsychopath says:

    When I was in the Army I was stationed in Friedberg, Germany which is about 20 minutes from Frankfurt. I use to see this kind of shit all the time. One time, the polizei (German police) pulled up, got out of their car and popped the trunk. They pulled 2 soldiers out of the trunk, both had their hands and feet zip stripped and looked like they’d had the living shit kicked out of them. They left the soldiers on the concrete, still zip stripped, and left. I was like WTF!!

  14. Tuomas says:

    Those of you who claim that this is all just some kind of viral marketing stunt: remember that these guys are pretty much professionals when it comes to viral marketing, and are promoting the importance of communities in movie making. They can do better than simple lying, they have already made literally millions through crowd sourcing.

  15. somedood says:

    @Joona: That sounds like police in Bavaria. Too bad Frankfurt is not in Bavaria… Cops in Swabia tend to get angry only when provoked or insulted. Of course there are exception to the rule.

  16. Joona says:

    @Somedood: My intention was not to provoke Frankfurters. In fact Frank’n'Furter is a cool dude. Just providing an example how strange this sounds to some.

    Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues.


  17. Auswitch beer says:

    Nothing has changed since Adolf Hitler died. Germans are still what they are. I hope some day they learn to be more friendly.

  18. Jaap says:

    Please, don’t generalize… :(

  19. Alex says:

    Hi Guys,

    this is some bad news. As a german I’m very sorry for that. This is not what I like to hear or read about my country. But it isn’t uncommon as you may have heard about the Protests against the new train-station in Stuttgart or the so-called Castor-Transports.

    Nevertheless I always like to hear both sides of a story and would like to share this information with your readers:

    +++ Begin of free translation +++
    According to official police-reports some policemen patroled through Frankfurt to check the closing time of bars. As they entered the bar in which your crew was, they were allegedly welcomed by your drunken crew with the words “Fuck you police, fuck you germans”.

    The Bartender then wanted your crew to leave, but they refused.
    Then the policemen enforced the people to leave the bar.

    At this occasion one drunken person bumped against a wall with his head and anotherone fall to ground.

    The policeman with the dog allegedly was only an observer and did not activley took part.
    +++ End of free translation +++

    Let me state explicitly that I’m behind you an your crew! But also I know what could happen, if you’re drunk. So if the police acted the wrong way, which is absolutely possible, they should be prosecuted for that. If your crewmembers acted wrong, they should apologise for their behavior.

    Nevertheless: Make this movie come true!

  20. Alex says:

    Oh, why did you remove the pictures of the injuries?

  21. Tuomas Koivula says:

    The policestory will fall apart when the wounds show kicking and not just a fall…

  22. Joshua says:

    Okay I’ve got to see what the police have to say because I’ll be frank, yeah there are corrupt cops, but this is a little suspicious.

  23. Olrik says:

    Well, the bulk of the Gestapo were from the regular police and that’s where most of them went back after the war, so you see where German police traditions come from…

  24. JanneJeesus says:

    “Fuck you police, fuck you germans”

    Yeah, right. That’s the first thing you are going to say if you are in a bar in a foreign country and see four local officers with a police dog coming in.

  25. Moonwish says:

    Hi folks,

    first, I´m sorry for my worse english, but I´m not a native speaker.

    I just want to tell you that I, as a germen, living near Frankfurt, am sorry for what happened. I didn´t know about that untill I read something in a blog about law. I can´t understand what was going on with those cops and out of experiance I´m able to say thats not the german way. So please, don´t think anything bad about germany, beacouse some idiots with uniforms were going mad.

    shocked guy from germany

  26. æ says:

    Folks, I happen to live in Frankfurt. I know about incidents with “overperforming” police officers. However, the alternative storyline mentioned at #writteninbasic is also plausible to some extent – and I am not blindly buying any version without further inquieries.

    I am eager to check for myself, talk to the staff of the bar.
    If this is a case of random police brutality, this shall have consequences. I would go spreading news with some lawyers here in FF…


  27. Fghj says:

    You are just a bunch of drunk lamer. Now run home! “Mommy they kicked my ass after I yelled Fuck the police”. Mommy would kick your ass a second time!

    Damn losers.

    Fuck you and fuck the polizei.

  28. JanneJeesus says:

    Fghj, thanks for your valuable contribution to this topic. *Facepalm*

  29. Marcus says:

    Cool story and now the real story:

    3 drunk guys dont want to leave a closed bar after they were told to do severaly times. The barmen call the police to remove those guys. 1 Guy is too drunk and resists. The police drags him and his friends out with force. That’s it.

    I would rather believe German Police then Australian drunks.

  30. Marcus says:

    Furthermore I’m missing broken rips, broken legs and some bites by the dog. Too bad this didn’t happen, eh?!

  31. JanneJeesus says:

    Marcus, ok. If they resisted and didn’t co-operate why they weren’t arrested? They just beat the shit out of them and didn’t give any explanation until this thing got public. Using such a force without arresting is bs. Anyway, the police fucked up.

  32. to all those disbelievers says:

    well to all those disbelievers… these cases are far to many, not only in germany, imho. but as pointed out before, no wonder this happens if the ratio of conviction goes to zero. esp. since as cops you can counter sue and the court holds your account of the story higher.

    at least we dont have the sadistic taser cops that taser pregnant or drunk women as you might find footage on youtube… (thanks to lack of tasers)

    one and a half month ago here in frankfurt they beaten the crap out of a janitor who called the cops to report a crime.

    ++++++++ bad google translation follows +++++++++++++++++++

    Two police officers beat in the district of Frankfurt Sossenheim a caretaker hospital. The most casual man were broken including three lumbar vertebrae. A spokesman called the actions of the “basic process” her correctly.

    Two Frankfurt police beat a man hospitalized. (Icon image)
    Photo: Rolf Oeser
    Two policemen have beaten Frankfurt hospitalized when used in the Frankfurt district Sossenheim a 44-year-old man. The prosecution had been the investigation into the officials added, the police said on Wednesday in Frankfurt, confirming a report of the Hessischer Rundfunk.

    The officers of the 17th District had been called up in September at night from the caretaker of the children’s garden to a burglary had him at the scene but mistaken for burglars and arrested. They should have taken so violently on the 44-year-olds, according to the prosecutor that the man three lumbar vertebrae and broke one of which bore bruises at the pelvis and head.

    “We stand by this, we regret it,” said a spokesman for the authority. The actions of the police but was the “basic process” was correct her. This would first have to provide for their own safety at the scene. Hr-info for information from the caretaker has repeatedly called his name and declares that he himself had alerted the police.

    The Frankfurt police were in the past several months in the headlines because officials in the use of people injured or shot down. (Dpa)


  33. TrueStory says:

    Go back to school and write a better story!

  34. Makettaja says:

    Those who don’t believe it happened, check out the pictures http://www.iltalehti.fi/uutiset/2010121612870098_uu.shtml (a Finnish news page)

  35. Lasse says:

    I would like to know the truth, because the injuries are serious.

  36. Marcus says:

    1 blue knee and a nasty cut @ head. This ridiculous for “4 or so” brutal police officers and one dog. As I said, no broken legs, not even a broken rip (this usually happens when you are on the the ground and 4 cops kick the shit out of you)
    Sorry guys, your team was drunk and obviously it resisted violently (that’s what people do if they are drunk and don’t want to leave a bar).

    This whole story is a joke.

  37. Joona says:

    Well, I don’t know how other people in other cultures are, but in Finland during over 20 years and some hundred, if not thousand late night bar visits, I have never seen any reason to warrant intrusion by cops let alone a violent one necessary.

    Sure, there has often been bickering among guests and hosts alike. Not ever anything that required anything more than a few sharp words.

    Of course in these years I have seen violence. But NOT over finishing your drink at closing time. Usually some kind of blood feud or jealousy or disagreement over hockey teams is involved. So don’t fuckin make me LAUGH that even an Ozzer got violent over a dispute for finishing his drink. Not if in company of Finns, who would have restrained him even if he was pissed.


  38. Julian says:

    Go play elsewhere, little troll children, adults are speaking.
    Go crawl back into your dank little holes.

  39. Makettaja says:

    Julian, you are the only one trolling here. Marcus, do you honestly believe those are all of the pictures they got? You could also read again what JanneJeesus said.

    I can’t imagine that something like this would have happened in Finland, and if something like this would have happened it would have got huge media attention in Finland and the whole thing would be investigated properly.

  40. Makettaja says:

    … because in Finland we trust the police. 9/10 Finnish persons do have STRONG trust on Finnish police.

  41. Joona says:

    Quite so. 9/10 we do trust the police, as they don’t act like this… usually.

    Let me make one thing clear. I know these guys. Not the guys in question (as I don’t know them and wouldn’t tell if I did), but what kind of people their bosses are. We have been shitfaced before, and let me tell you they have always performed admirably despite of the notorious “free booze” of such PR occasions among journos in cons and blah blah.

    Some twat coming to claim any of the folks they have picked as crew were jerks who can’t hold their liquer, should think again. Of course shit can happen to anyone and anyone can have the bad luck of meeting a squad of cops on rag days, but assuming otherwise and personally attacking my longtime friend for absolutely no reason is nothing but trolling.

    So until you have proof that the three members of the crew committed deeds warranting police action, just STFU about any judgements. If you have, please give the legal facts warranting an intervention where no arrests were made. If there is a crime on the part of the citizen, there has to be an arrest. Or the local police is seriously fucked.

    Get this: Anyone may screw up at times, but these guys don’t intentionally lie. Anyone claiming otherwise… you know the rest.


  42. Bugsy says:

    I also think I recognize the bar and man, it has a reputation. What can I say.. it’s easy to live in a bubble of safety in Finland. About being shitfaced in a bar being a crime.. it’s just not that well tolerated in Germany. Cultural differences can bite you in the ass, again and again. Of course everyone’s mad about this, but don’t let that cloud your judgment about what the best course of action in this situation is.

  43. Joona says:

    My opinion is the best course of judgement is to let the lawyer and eventually court get some sense into this mess. If being peacefully drunk is a crime in Germany, then where the hell is the arrest? NEITHER side has presented any evidence warranting a police raid, let alone alleged police brutality. The only thing I was really riled about was and is claiming people I know lie. Se syö miestä, as we say.


  44. Bowie says:

    The shameful comments of my fellow German “Blockwart” guys prove how this country could have millions of people “disappearing” (murdered) with no one having any knowledge about this whole thing, afterwards.

    Or as Walter Sobchak said in “The Big Lebowski”: Fucking Germans. Nothing changes. Fucking Nazis.

    Germans always see the fault in the victim before asking about the delinquents.

    Again – I see proof for heavy injuries committed by the Police. I see absolutely no proof, not even a good clue for anything the victims have done wrong.

  45. Marcus says:

    @ Bowie
    The victims just could have left the (closed) bar when they were told to do so at 4:00 am. The could have paid the bill and afterwards leave the bar.
    Don’t you think this would’ve been a good idea?

    The rest of your comment is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read, are you older than 10 ?

  46. Marcus says:

    Furthermore I work as an rescue-assistant in Germany and iron sky should provide more pictures to prove their story.
    I’ve seen victims who really got kicked the shit ouf them while they were on the ground. But if this happens, you got broken bones in your face, your rips are broken and your face looks like a red-blue pumpkin. The injuries on the pictures surely don’t loook like pure brutality as iron sky wants to tell us. I guess it’s heavily exaggerated for a bit of movie-promotion.

  47. Bowie says:

    yeah, you know it all… A knee doesn’t get as purple as that with a policeman forcing someone that’s totally drunk out of a bar. You also don’t need to bang his head until he has a 5cm cut.

    We don’t know the bar was closing already, we don’t know that the guys were asked to leave and we don’t know if they refused to do so. This is just a police story.

  48. Marcus says:

    #I meant 5:00 am*