Iron Sky Signal E19: Frankfurt Wrap and Fan Investors

December 22nd, 2010 by Jarmo Puskala

In the latest episode of Iron Sky Signal we see how the second half of the Iron Sky shoot in Germany went. We also had community investors visit us on the set and we had a chance to ask them what they thought about the production. Then we were caught in a huge snowstorm.

You probably know that we’ll be heading to Australia early next year for the second half of the shoot. Let’s hope there won’t be any snowstorm on the Gold Coast.

Before that most of the Iron Sky team will be spending a peaceful Christmas holiday. Meanwhile at the Energia office people are busy building up the infrastructure. They’ll be replacing some couple of kilometers of old network cables, installing routers and going all paranoid building a secure backup system. Sadly, hardening the bank vault against EMP’s was deemed too expensive. But they’ll be planning for floods, fires and other moderately apocalyptic acts of god.

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3 Responses to “Iron Sky Signal E19: Frankfurt Wrap and Fan Investors”

  1. Marshal says:

    And happy holidays to you all! :)

  2. Olrik says:

    Around 2:20 into the video a very interesting mod of what appears to be an MP40 is displayed. While StG44 or even StG45s would have been even better, this type of technical innovation building upon proven German wartime weapon designs bodes well for the final film…

  3. Yotta says:

    To Olrik:
    Maybe MP40 is just a symbol,which stands for Nazi German Army,and they won`t be used to fight us(lol).MP40s are classic,aren`t they?

    Happy Christmas to you all!