Download Iron Sky – don’t fall for the hoax

January 12th, 2011 by Jarmo Puskala

Looking to download Iron Sky? We’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that you’re obviously a internet users of great taste – wanting to watch our film. The bad news is that we’re currently shooting Iron Sky in Australia, meaning it’s not even done yet.

There is always a bigger fish

Flickr image by floodllama

Why am I writing about Iron Sky downloads? And why am I trying to fit many references to downloading Iron Sky into my text? Because in the last few days a lot of pages have popped up offering “Iron Sky download”. All with the idea of using search engine optimization techniques to lure people looking to download films into their scam sites. And that pisses us off.

What’s going on is that a scammers sets up a site offering “free movie downloads” or such. They make pages for every possible popular film they can think of and then they start making other pages that link to those pages. This is called search engine optimization and the idea is to get their site on the first place in Google when people are looking something like “download Iron Sky”. You can usually spot these pages unnatural amount of mentions of the keyword(s) – like in the beginning of this post. These pages aren’t meant to be read by humans, just Google’s bots that categorize sites.

When the optimized page is the first hit on Google a lot of people looking for the film or whatever click on it and land on the “download” page. There the scammers usually either try to sell access to a non-existent download site or software or offer “free” downloads that install malware on your computer. Either way, they get paid. What they don’t do, is actually have any films. The idea is just to scam people who are looking for less-than-legimate downloads of films, games or software.

The same people who are trying to lure in people looking for Iron Sky have actually managed to get on the first page of Google with the aearch “download Avatar” – pushing down legitimate sites. You can imagine how many people are searching for Avatar, so they might actually be making a profit – even if 99% of people clicking the link would realize it’s a scam.

So, if you are looking for films on less-than-legal sites, here are couple of helpful hints to save you money and frustration:

1) If the pirate site asks for money – it’s a scam.
2) If the pirate site asks you to install software you’ve never heard of – it’s probably a scam.

Either way, don’t pay for pirated films and always use a anti-virus software.

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15 Responses to “Download Iron Sky – don’t fall for the hoax”

  1. Tobias Pottgüter says:

    So, if you are looking for films on less-than-legal sites, here are couple of helpful hints to save you money and frustration:

    1) If the pirate site asks for money – it’s a scam.
    2) If the pirate site asks you to install software you’ve never heard of – it’s probably a scam.

    Either way, don’t pay for pirated films and always use a anti-virus software.

    Isn’t that ironic? You’re giving tips to avoid scammers.
    Isn’t it so, that the official download / streaming sites (like iTunes Store, Netflix, and so on) are well known, and that most other opportunities are “less-than-legal”?
    So why are you helping them? ‘… to save you money and frustration’ They are trying to steal the movie! Let them fall on the snout!

  2. Tuomas says:

    It’s not only the failers who suffer from installing malware and such – nobody should want botnets to gain any more nodes from foolish internet users’ computers. Hence the warning is good and necessary.

  3. What Tuomas said. First of all, not everybody can be tech savvy and knowledgeable about stuff like internet scams and malware, so it’s just responsible behaviour to help people avoid scammers.

    Also, even though you couldn’t care less what happens to someone else’s computer, there are selfish reasons for helping others keep their computers clean. Every malware infected computer and every euro that goes to a scammer’s pocket means more spam, more hoaxes and generally more nuisance for every net user. So, essentially, when you are helping someone avoid net hoaxes, you are helping to make the net a more comfortable place for yourself too.

  4. Salmar says:

    It is a valid warning, and it’s nice and prudent for the filmmakers to warn the non-savvy internet public beforehand.

    The problem & strength of the uncontrolled internet is the wild west mentality. Outside of the relatively safe mainstream content, there exists great (often free) stuff and lots of savage and harmful “content”. If you venture to the lawless frontiers of the internet, be ready to protect yourself.

    Yet, it IS kinda cool (in a twisted way) that Iron Sky is ALREADY, without even it finishing shooting, kinda pirate hyped on the web. Even though the scamming is definitely criminal, it shows there’s a demand.

    Upon release, it would be interesting to see if you guys have found ways to combat the initial pre-release piratism, and I sincerely hope your success isn’t hampered by that.

  5. Jaap says:

    @Salmar: About your last point, post production:
    First thing to do is watermarking dailies and workprints. (if you send someone a workprint have a big watermark with his/her own name and some secret codes in it, which makes it very hard to leak stuff without getting caught)

    Furthermore be very careful as to what the hired CG artists can acces on the server.
    A workprint can easily get leaked. (we all know what happened on Wolverine, right?)

    Anyone more tips? ;)

  6. Arkkitehti says:

    I guess Iron Sky team is popular enough in Internet that piracy doesn’t really hurt it as much as one would think. “Pirates” are ready to support the film even if it was available illegally for free.

    Iron Sky will be pirated, there’s no way stopping that. The best thing one can do is to make sure enough people will want to pay for it regardless, not to fight against those who won’t.

  7. Petter Duvander says:

    Speaking of downloading Iron Sky, wouldn’t it be _really_ nice if we could get a (working) download link for the Iron Sky teaser 2? Preferably 1080p just as the glorious teaser 1. There is a link for a 720p download, but that only leads to teaser 1 as well.

    I’d gladly help to make sure a torrent stays active (and, I suspect, many with me), if you can’t host it on your servers.

  8. Petter: Whoopsie. THanks for pointing out the broken link. Fixed now. download the 720P version from:

    As for a full HD version. Teaser 2 will be in theaters at some point and we’ll have a full HD version for download then. You can probably guess that we’ll be refreshing the teaser for theaters.

  9. Arvomjki says:

    If you want to help, make link(s) to this blog from your webpage. The more links there are, the higher this blog is in google searches.

  10. Julian says:

    Ha! I’m gonna buy it.

  11. Paul Spresser says:

    Michaelangelo, when will you finish?

  12. xeriphism says:

    I’m really hoping it will be available to see in Australian cinemas, and looking forward to a dvd release also, what I’ve seen of the trailers this movie looks freaking hilarious and well and truly one for the collection.

  13. Chris Taylor says:

    Part of the reason pirates pirate is they (such as me) want it NOW. it drives me NUTS that europe is watching this film “NOW” and I can “NOT” see it.

    if I find a pirate link “I WILL” download it.

    give us an option. why can’t I download it from the official site? why can’t I buy the DVD ?

    been waiting for this for YEARS I want to SEE IT. going nuts knowing the only reason I can not see it is a “technical” one not a “real” one.

    its out its available but I am not allowed to have it. drives us “NUTS”.

  14. Steve says:

    It’s up on the piratebay right now god bless’em

  15. satu says:

    hey. At yesterday i saw 6part ironsky at youtube