Iron Sky Shoot, Day 22: Man on the Moon

January 18th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

We begun our work week after too little sleep over the weekend, so dragging our asses back to studio on Monday felt extremely hard – especially since the call time was 8 in the morning, or something along those lines.

We continued what we had started on Friday, which is always hard if you have to split a scene in two – even worse, if you have weekend in between, because after that, everything has been erased from your memory. But we sure jumped back on the wagon and were on the roll quite quickly – but we had a *lot* to accomplish, and every shot we did was of very technical nature – wires, squibs, firing guns… no easy shot, no easy moment and no easy way out. We just had the crunch those scenes, no matter the fact we were running out of time constantly, and although I thought it would’ve been easy for me to do since every actor had a bulky spacesuit and a helmet on – you’d be surprised how much acting is involved when the actor’s face can’t be seen.

Today, I’m introducing you one of the Heroes of Iron Sky – Peter McLennan, the 1st Assistant Director. His job is to run the set, schedule the shoot and call the roll – among many others. Here you can see him at work:

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4 Responses to “Iron Sky Shoot, Day 22: Man on the Moon”

  1. Marshal says:

    Will be The Heroes of Iron Sky something like a regular (mini)series? I would really like to know something more about people behind Iron Sky and thier jobs and duties on the set (mostly because I have never seen Samuli working in those Director’s Diaries… only eating, travelling, losing suitcases, talking and running with a camera… ok, just joking, I know he surely works hard… somewhere :))

  2. Believe me it’s really hard to shoot Samuli working… Like wild animals he’s easily distracted by the presence of a camera :D

    However, I did get a shot of him working yesterday… Two, actually!

  3. Jaap says:

    Another question:
    Can we get a nice report about the technical side of the shoot?
    So camera, grip, light, sound etc.
    I see on the pictures you’re using Zeiss Master Primes and Angenieux Optimo lenses, Kinoflow lights, but there’s so much to tell… ;)

  4. Marshal says:

    Oh, yes, you’re right, I totally missed it. My apologies :)