Iron Sky Shoot, Day 23: The Three Kings

January 18th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Yesterday we had the three main men of Iron Sky sharing the same scene – that’s Chris Kirby who plays our American astronaut Washington, Götz Otto who plays the suave Nazi officer Klaus, and Udo Kier, who plays the Führer of the Moon Base – Wolfgang. The scene was the introduction scene for each of the characters, so it was quite a balancing act to give each one of them the recognition they have – especially since each of the actors are so very charismatic and can fill up one room easily with their presence. So balancing the scene out with each of them was quite a dabble, but I have a good feeling we got a really good kick out of it.

Udo hiding behind a VW Beetle

Udo hiding behind a VW Beetle

(Photo by: Tarja Jakunaho)

The good thing is that everyone brings different things to the table – the coolness of Götz is overshadowed by none but maybe the piercing gaze of Udo, while the relaxed jive of Chris brings a whole new flavor… It’s a good combination, and I’m enthusiastic to introduce these chaps to you when the film hits the theaters in the future.

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15 Responses to “Iron Sky Shoot, Day 23: The Three Kings”

  1. Roman says:

    It’s from Star Wreck of cause!

  2. Jaap says:

    Must be great to work with Udo! :)

    Can’t you do such a video-Q&A with him like you did with Götz, Julia and Chris?
    The fans send in questions, Timo asks them and Janos does the filming. Idea?

  3. IngoZ says:

    It is form Star Wreck. Registration Number of a ship (parking lot for disabled persons).

  4. Yes ZEX-514 was in Star Wreck. But where did it come from originally?

  5. Arkkitehti says:

    Obviously it’s a joke: seksiä. Though I remember having heard that one of your friends had a car with that registration and that was used during the filming of Star Wreck.

  6. Jalava says:

    IIRC Samulis car (Mazda?) had that licence plate in one of the ye olde making of’s of Star Wreck.

  7. Jalava says:

    Actually close, after close google inspection. I stand corrected, it was Aho-Mantilas old car license plate number

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