Iron Sky Shoot, Day 26: Going green

January 27th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

The last shooting day of the second week of Iron Sky shoot in Australia took place – again – inside the studio. We shot a scene that takes place in the woods, and originally we had planned to shoot the scene on location, but as the weather in Brisbane became worse and worse, we had to pull back into the studio and re-dress our Moon surface as the woods. At first, I had some doubts if doing such a natural set in studio would make any sense, but when I saw the work the set dressers had done, my confidence was re-established. A beautiful little clearing was created for us, and it worked like a miracle for what we needed to shoot. We started out with one rather complicated stunt/wire action, we had some gun fires and couple of key scenes – a lot for one day, but we rushed it through and got what we needed.

High times against blue (Photo by Tarja Jakunaho)

Since we were shooting in a green environment, we had to change the green screen into blue screen, which was a nice change – felt like seeing the blue sky for a while…

After that, it was good to head back home for the weekend. During the weekend we had a cooking competition with the producers and the director – Tero Kaukomaa, San Fu Maltha, Mark Overett and me competed over who would create the best pasta sauce. My pasta – Pasta Götterdämmerung – won, and the party lasted ’till wee morning hours.

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