Iron Sky Shoot, Day 27: An ode to Udo

January 27th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Monday – the first shooting day of the third week of the Iron Sky Australia shoot. Feeling groggy, muggy and a complete wreck of a human being in the morning we dragged our asses to the car and headed for the studio. We had two new sets built for us, but it was also the last shooting day for Udo Kier – so we had to rush through a bunch of material we still had left for him. The Führer’s office was one beautiful set, but even greater was the Machine Room, where we spent total two days filming in. And after the day, we said farewell to Udo and his awesome characterization of Wolfgang, the Führer of the Moon Base.

Working with Udo was in so many ways a privilege and a pleasure. He’s an intelligent, experienced and charismatic gentleman, who’s owning the set the moment he enters the room. He’s also always willing to bring a bit extra to the scene with small gestures – as Udo says, it’s not the dialogue or the big performances that really create the character, but the little things the character does. Those little things bring the character alive, and clear the room for the larger-than-life performances. And most importantly, he’s a really, really funny guy. He understands the subtle levels of comedy, and knows the basic fact that in comedy usually less is more. I’m quite confident his portrayal of the Führer will be unique.

I certainly hope I have a chance to work with Udo again sometime in the future.

Europa (Photo by Tarja Jakunaho)

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One Response to “Iron Sky Shoot, Day 27: An ode to Udo”

  1. Maybe you can re-hire him for ‘Rust Sky – Revenge of the Soviets’ ?