Iron Sky Shoot, Day 28: Wrapping Tilo

January 27th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Another good man going down… Tuesday was the last shooting day for Tilo Prückner, who portrayed – I might say – possibly the greatest mad Nazi doctor in the history of nazi doctors on big screen. It feels so strange that we’re wrapping our main cast members, and makes me feel sad, yet it’s also a sign that the shoot of this damn monster of a movie is very soon finished.

Tuesday we shot in just one set, but we shot at least 7 or 8 scenes, and in absolutely no kind of order – a closeup here, wide master there, a bit of stunt action and so on. It was a very, very complicated day for me, and I felt I almost lost the ball by the end of the shoot – I felt I was almost incapable of making a decision wether a take was good or not, my brain was just so overloaded with shots, bits and pieces of imaginary edit, required pickups and the clock was ticking…

Photo by Tarja Jakunaho

It was a hard day, but we survived that, too. And wrapped wonderful mr. Prückner – another great actor who I hope to be working again in the future.

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