The New Life of a Prop.

February 3rd, 2011 by Antti Hukkanen

Someone asked us what we’re going to do with all the props we’ve had built once the shoots are over. Hopefully, we’ll have someplace better to store them than the backlot of the studio… so nobody has to do this in 30 years’ time.

Of course, we can only hope Iron Sky will stand the test of time nearly as well as Alien. But we’ll be doing our darnedest to make it so.

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12 Responses to “The New Life of a Prop.”

  1. Max says:

    Me, me, me! It was me asking about that! Feels so awesome to be answered by the people who are developing a kick-ass Moon Nazi movie :)

    Did you people consider selling the no-longer-required props to fans and private collectors?

  2. 8D There’ve been all kinds of plans in consideration, including plastic kits of the Nazi UFO’s… (Not likely to happen, sorry.) We’ll have to see…

  3. Jaap says:

    Are you also using miniatures for the VFX or only CGI?

  4. nathan swapp says:

    can we buy some of the props? i would love to get my hands on a helmet or uniform.

  5. Wreckfan says:

    I would have liked to get UFO model kit. Might it be possible have Art of Iron Sky exhibition as a part of some big convention like Assembly or Finncon in the future? Also in the future Artbook would be nice.

  6. The effects will be CGI only – miniature photography is much too expensive. All the props are life-size, intended for interaction with the actors. An artbook is definitely in the cards, at least if our AD has his way. 8P

    In other news, I have just received confirmation that the shoots have been successfully concluded!

  7. Wreckfan says:

    Btw was there some researh done conserning using of miniatures in the movie during preproduction?

  8. Wreckfan, “research” may be too strong a word but yes, we fantasised about it. It soon became obvious that that wouldn’t be within our reach, however.

  9. mävaan says:

    But what about selling or auctioning props to fans? I’ll bet there are lots of fans who would love to brag in next conventions with authentic Iron Sky clothing and props… ;-)

    Or larp people who would like to utilize your beautiful props in their own settings. On possible instance in Finland could be Larp-lavastevarasto

  10. Could you at least please release some form of prop-guide for Iron Sky?
    Something to help the fans recreate your props.
    Because they will. Might as well help them make the right decisions by releasing some form of documentation. (or just drawings with dimensions)

    I suggest using

    The Raumstürmer costume has been bumped up before Jin-Roh & Imperial Biker-Scout armors on my to-do list.

  11. Rolf says:

    Children… You have no choice. It is now far too late for planning or decisions. Your destiny is now in control…


    You cannot fight the power of the sequel…



  12. Ron DiBerto says:

    I am a supporter of Iron Sky and i would love the chance to own a part of film history when and if the time arrives. This film is an original idea that even Hollywood has never thought of. Kudos.