…And It’s a Wrap!

February 4th, 2011 by Antti Hukkanen

Happy Timo is happy.

The Director realises he's finally done.

The news just arrived from Downunder: principal photography finished, all filmed material is in the can (or on portable hard drives in this case), and everyone is washing away the Australian dust with a hefty soaking of assorted beverages! On the part of the Finland crew, congratulations on making it this far and thanks for all the hard work, and see you on Monday!

The film itself, of course, is far from finished. It could be said that most of the work is still to be done. Editing is part of it. Arguably a larger part still are the visual effects which have already been underway here at the Tampere office for several months – and the pace will only pick up from here.

Stay tuned.

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14 Responses to “…And It’s a Wrap!”

  1. icorn says:

    Congrats to the whole team!

  2. otty says:

    Congratulations for the hard work, must have been a great relief finishing the filming. Can’t wait to see Iron Sky.

  3. FJS Falkonos says:

    Congrats to you and @ all of the team!

  4. Nervanti says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been following this blog since it started and you’ve gone a long way- Let’s drink for that!

    Can’t wait to see the movie finished!

  5. Jaap says:

    Now it’s time to face the Finnish cold again and let computers heat your room!

    For those who are wondering how a ”wrap” looks like outside the film industry:
    http://www.eatmedaily.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/mac-snack-wrap-photo.jpg ;)
    A lot easier to make than a film, btw. (and that’s why we highly appreciate what Timo and his crew/cast are doing!)

    Btw, do have back-ups of the shot material that will not go on the plane back home? You’ll never now what can happen… ;)

  6. Thorben says:

    @Jaap: Do I know you?

    I was going to ask the same thing about the backups…

  7. Juho says:

    Congrats chaps! Well done…

  8. Conor says:

    Fantastic to see you’ve wrapped on production. I hope it all comes together sweetly in post.

    Best wishes,

  9. Thanks guys!

    And yes, we do have backups :) Also the backups never travel together. We’re learning an all new level of paranoia with them :)

  10. MerQ says:

    Congrats! :)

  11. Infinite Fruit says:

    Excellent! Congrats, you guys!!

  12. Max says:

    Congratulations! We are all waiting for the good news from the editing room :)

  13. Scott Gordon says:

    Wow a very fast production. I can not wait to see it. let us know when you will be selling DVDs I would want one for sure maybe 2.

    Congrats on the wrap and hope to see it soon.

    good job

  14. Hey Guys,
    followed your project over the years. You did a really great job. So big congrats to you and all the best in postproduction. I am looking forward seeing your work.
    All Respect from Germany.
    Best Dirk