Iron Sky Shoot, The Final Day.

February 6th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

After 37 shooting days, we finally finished shooting Iron Sky. The adventure took us from Finland to Germany, and ended up in Australia – we really went across the world to finally come to this day.

Last shooting day started out with a bit of melancholy in the air, but it began to fade away very soon when we started to work – we had a *lot* to shoot. I think we made an overall record for many people of the crew, actually, shooting 15 scenes and 6 pages of script in a very efficient manner. We were forced to rush it, but thanks to working such hard-core actors like Kym Jackson and Peta Sergeant, that wasn’t an issue at all. It was a hard shoot for the actors, because we had primary script and secondary script and we were jumping from a scene to another, and everyone had had their text just few days before the shoot… So it was messy, but it became beautiful in the end.

Then, the moment I had been dreading was staring right in front of me – the wrap. I didn’t know what to say… I was blabbering something, and feeling really stressed standing there in front of everyone and trying somehow to thank everyone in an appropriate manner. But it was impossible, there was no words that could describe what I was feeling… because in a way, I wasn’t feeling anything. I was just waiting for Greg to pop over from somewhere with a pile of call sheets for Monday… But no, there’ll be no more call sheets. It’s done.

That's me giving the wrap speech... Which was quite a staggery one :) (Photo by Tarja Jakunaho)

It’ll take at least a week to really become reality for me. But right now, all I can say is thank you all. Thank you for following this adventure, thank you for watching Director’s Diaries. The shooting blog is now going silent, as are the Director’s Diaries – but there’ll be more of both in another form in the future, just stay tuned.

Next up for me is the edit. We have about 10 weeks of editing ahead of us, in Finland, and the editor Suresh Ayyar and his assistant Courney are coming over to Finland by the end of February and we’ll lock ourselves in a small room and start working. Simultaneously, the guys at Tampere start their huge workload of Iron Sky CGI.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved in the Iron Sky film crew, in both Frankfurt and Australia – It’d be great to hear from you if you are reading this blog – and I hope I get to work with you again.

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18 Responses to “Iron Sky Shoot, The Final Day.”

  1. Kim Viljanen says:

    Moi Timo,

    Olen seurannut leffan tekoa blogin kautta ja tosi paljon onnea tämän vaiheen valmistumisesta sinulle ja koko tiimille! :)

    Terv. Kim

  2. Marshal says:

    Thank you so much, Timo, for Director’s Diaries. It was wonderful to see what was going on on the set. Most thanks for letting us look “inside your head” with all joys and all worries of The Director :)

    Once again my congratulations to you all and good luck with editing and CGI. Can we look forward to a new trailer? :)

  3. matthias says:

    congrats for the wrap and good luck editing the film!

  4. Nervanti says:

    Congrats again! I know this film is going to turn out fantastically!

  5. notime says:

    Congrats guys! Have fun cutting it.
    Like so many others, I’m really excited to see this film on a big screen.

  6. Samuel says:

    Very nice thank you so much i cant wait to see the movie and i cant find out when the movie is ganna come out could you please tell me or if someone knows please write a comment about it….. thanks good job on the movie looks great!

  7. Tony says:

    Great work on finishing the shooting of the movie.Can we expect it till the end of 2012?Or even 2011?

  8. Leonardo says:

    English (Google translate)
    Hi I am Brazilian and I liked the idea and much of the film.
    I would maybe try to release the film in Brazil.
    Thank you all.
    Portuguese (Original)
    Oi eu sou brasileiro e gostei muita da ideia e do filme.
    Gostaria que tentassem talvez lançar o filme no brasil.
    Obrigado a todos.

  9. Roland says:

    @Leonardo: What do you mean with “releasing”? Pirating maybe? And pirating a non-free movie isn’t kind of illegal? You really think that Timo and all the other crew members are doing that movie for nothing? You really think that all that stuff you have (hopefully) seen in the “Director’s Diaries” does cost nothing to them?

    Keep that in mind before you hit the “Copy” key and “release” button in your P2P software. Or else, if you like to release it authorized by the makers then just contact them and make them an offer. :)

  10. Shai Segal says:

    lol, I don’t think there is something like ‘illegal piracy’ in Brasil :) anyway, he wasn’t talking about p2p

    I would encourage him to make portugese subs, the team could even include fanmade subs on an international Release later.

  11. Andy says:

    Nice to hear that you have finished shooting Iron Sky, I can’t wait to watch it (in english i hope )

    Good luck with the edit.

  12. ghostdog says:

    im glad to hear that you have finished. im waiting for quite some time to see what this film will be. since i saw the trailer year and a half ago im waiting. wish u luck. and greetings from bulgaria.

  13. Stefan says:

    Hallo Iron Sky Team,

    vielen dank, das ich ein kleiner Teil des Films sein durfte.
    Bin sehr gespannt auf das Ergebnis und ob ich geschnitten wurde ;-)

    See u all


  14. Riku says:

    Hyvä TIMOOOOO ja muut!!!!

    T: Riku :)

  15. Capitan says:

    As an old hardcore Return to Castle Wolfenstein-gamer i love too get news like this. This movie went straight into my heart. Thx guys!:D

  16. erik says:

    Hi guys, i want to ask you then these movie will come to cinemas

  17. Johnny says:

    Look forward to your work

  18. Great blogs. Regards says:

    Goood! Regards