Need a Job? Iron Sky is Hiring.

February 22nd, 2011 by pollula

The shoot is over but the war has just begun! The Iron Sky team is looking for a talented freelance graphic designer to join the team. We don’t care where you are from, or who you’ve worked with before – if ‘steampunk’, ‘Moon Nazis’ and ‘space battles’ are your game, and you know you master them better than anyone – contact us, get job and get paid: pekka (at)

The job itself consists of creating all sorts of designs, illustrations and general photoshopping for both print and online. It’s important you have experience in both fields.

Whole world of Iron Sky will be your playground, and in addition to a feasible compensation for your skills, your creations will bring joy and happiness to thousands of fans all over the globe.

This is what we want you to master:

  • Photoshop, In-Design, Illustrator.
  • Ability to produce flyers, banners, DVD-boxes, T-shirt designs, stickers, brochures etc.

This is what we want you to be like:

  • Are interested in online marketing.
  • Have a degree and/or wide work experience in graphic design or a related area.
  • Knows how to prepare art files for print.
  • Ability to achieve results in a short time period.

Please send your CV and Portfolio to pekka (at) and join the fight!

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8 Responses to “Need a Job? Iron Sky is Hiring.”

  1. kenneth says:

    i come in the name of the lord……please let me work,and help other….i care ALOT

  2. Ryan Walsh says:

    Nothing would be better than a old fashion American whooping on Nazi Astronauts

  3. Max Fun says:

    Please, someone set a Luger in that hand… ;)

  4. Max says:

    Good luck with finding the right person! I’d be more than glad to help, but I do the web-html-css-php stuff rather than design :(

  5. julian cardona says:

    I live in Colombia I can work online I am a graphic designer, web and multimedia

  6. Hollie Sexton says:

    Hello! We would LOVE to buy a decal or sticker for our car. Thanks!

  7. Well, just watch my website, e-mail me and lets start to work.

  8. Hai Hoese says:

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