The Editing for Iron Sky begins!

March 8th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

As you may or may not know, we’ve finished the shoot of Iron Sky one month ago, and now it’s time to move on. One of the major things we’re starting today is the editing of Iron Sky.

Our editing team – editor Suresh Ayyar and assistant editor Courtney O’Brien-Brown – have come all the way from Australia to here in Finland, where we’ve created our little editing bureau at the downstairs of Finnish Film Foundation. That’s where the magic happens.

Basically, we’ll be editing until 1.5., and after that, the full edit of Iron Sky should be more or less in place. We’ve reserved one more week of edit to the fall of 2011, just to be able to tweak the film a bit more when we have more finished CGI.

We started the edit by watching the whole film. Suresh has already been working like a madman, doing what we call the Assembly Edit of the film. Basically, he’s been editing all the scenes together quite loosely, just to get a general idea of the flow of the film. So, when Suresh and Courtney came to Finland, we sat down together with them and viewed what we had in our hands.

Suresh Ayyar and Courtney O'Brien-Brown, the editing team of Iron Sky

I think the first edit is always the worst for the director. All you see is the mistakes, there’s no music, no sound effects, bad dialogue, no CGI… And still, you need to imagine that there’s a film somewhere hidden there, between over-long takes, clumsy acting and crappy green screens. I was prepared for much worse, but when the 2-hour edit of Iron Sky was over, I felt… relieved. I think we agreed that hell, it’ll be a proper film, one day. I was afraid that it would be dragging, boring, not funny at all, but I was wrong. I think what we have already now is a good basis for a great film, and I’m so happy about that.

But there’s still a lot of work to be done, in edit and of course in every other sector of the film. Much of the editing process is me sitting together in a small room with Suresh and going through material: “did we shoot this angle”, “oh man that was a horrible camera move”, “do you mean we don’t have anything else in this size” and so on. But in the end we always spy the bits that work and slam it together, and eventually, it’ll turn into a film we all can be proud of.

Speaking of all, we’ve also reached two nice goals with the community today: our Facebook community has grown to 50,000 people, and we’ve reached 40% of our investment goal – that means, we now have 358000 € of money invested, with top 3 countries being Finland, Germany and UK. Because of Finnish law, we’re able to offer investment possibilities to only 99 fan investors / country, so if you’ve been thinking about investing money, especially from these three countries, be quick to sign up, because after 99 we’re not allowed to get any more investors on board from your country.

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18 Responses to “The Editing for Iron Sky begins!”

  1. Skull says:

    Battletrouserit päälle ja menoks.

  2. Erkko Vuorensola says:

    I’m proud of my son and the whole crew!

  3. Daniel says:

    Is it s known when the movie comes to cinemas/dvd?

    I hardly can t wait

  4. MNC says:

    Theres only two “Must See!” movies coming up in this year. First of them is The Iron Sky and the second one is “The Making Of Iron Sky”

  5. Erkko: Thanks, dad! :)

    Daniel: We don’t know exactly when the movie is going to hit the cinemas. What we know is that we’ll finish it by the end of this year, then it’s up to distributors to roll it out.

    MNC: I like the way you think!

  6. Joerg Schreyer says:

    2 months for the whole edit? Though job, especially with all that CGI schtuff.
    If you need help, drop me a mail, I edited ‘Bridges’ recently(shot on green, CGI and handdrawn backgrounds added later).
    Watch the teaser on Vimeo

    Good luck.


  7. I am proud to be in These Film as an SS-General and I enjoyed each second to be on Set in Warner Bros. Road Show Movie World Goldcoast.And I took it very serious to be believable,I saw Timo working,and I know it will be a great Movie . The only sad part for myself is,Timo, Peter, Udo and Walter have been agree to make a Photo together with me, but somehow there has been no opportunity, Julia Dietze hasn’t been there anymore. And of our request Photos has been made of us with the promise we get them, but nothing came, that is what makes me sad. Maybe when the Film is out ,I get photos from there.

  8. Erkko says:

    Yay, now I know how to get the connect Timo, during these busy times:
    Leaving a Reply to a blog, with a small drop of flattery :D

  9. Daniel says:

    Is it s planned to synchronized it?

    I would like to see it in german :)

  10. Lanabee says:

    I am so excited that the filming is over and the editing has been started! Wishing the film an expedient journey to my local theaters in the good ole’ southern United States!

  11. Olrik says:

    Why is it that so many modern European men today are so gay?

  12. Jon says:

    The best of luck during editing! Must be crazy to see it all come together…

    Also, dubbing (“synchronisierung”) movies is a crime against good movies. Subtitles are the way to go.

  13. Daniel says:

    Well Jon, theres some example lazy films/series become better during dubbing.

  14. botenmannetje says:

    @olrik, because some people try to convince you that gay people are normal. Back in the old days it was a disease and they where treated that way like they should do also now a days!! The truth is hard, only most people prefer to live in a huge lie.

  15. Jaap says:

    Quite the contrary, homosexuals just have other feelings of love than the majority of the world’s population.
    As long as they are happy who do you think you are by calling their life a ‘lie’?

    Without people who are ‘different’ than the majority we would have a boring world with less progress in science and technology, art etc.
    You should be happy we’re now able to understand certain behavior instead of calling people crazy and diseased.

    Btw, I know some people who are homosexual and I would like to know if you dare to say straight in their face what you just wrote.
    Just think about it…

  16. Olrik says:

    No, I don’t mean “gay” just in terms of sexuality (live and let live as long as no one forces it upon you), but more as a criticism – kids over here say something is “gay” when putting it down. I just thought that video “Panzer Chocolate” as being “gay” in this sense, you know, lame…

  17. Elric says:

    @botenmannetje; So homosexuality is a “disease”? Yeah, guess it’s much better to be paedophile priest (all over International news for the past 10 years) or a sexual deviant womanizing Pope (Rodrigo Borgia, also known as Pope Alexander VI).