The New Iron Sky Sneak Peek is Out – Come Visit The Moon Studio!

March 24th, 2011 by Kollektiivi

All of us in the Iron Sky team have been very busy with work since we got home from Australia. The post-production of the film is in full swing, the CGI team in Tampere is busy rendering Nazi UFOs, Timo and our editor Suresh are piecing together the movie, and our “making of” guy Janos is wrestling with the over 200 hours of behind the scenes materials from the shoot and the last year.

In spite of this we took the time to update Iron Sky Sneak Peek, and this month you are in for a real treat. We will visit our sound stage in Village Roadshow Studios, where we built the surface of the Moon. You’ll get to see different elements that went into shooting the Moon scenes, including the stunts, the costumes and of course our custom made Moon dust. So, head over to and check it out – and thank you for supporting Iron Sky!

A New Trailer is Coming

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Last month we teased you that we are homing in for a big release, and we are almost there. You have been asking us for a new teaser for months, and soon all of you who are subscribed to Iron Sky Sneak Peek will get to see what we have been up to: a new Iron Sky trailer that’s aimed for promotional use! The trailer contains a lot of live actors and some awesome CGI, but the latter will be finished a bit later this spring.

Our plan is to open up and expand Iron Sky Sneak Peek a bit. What this means is that we’ll publish new material in there for the Sneak Peek users to screen and to comment on. The Sneak Peek subscribers will get a chance to be our test audience and voice their opinions about what certain parts of the film, trailers etc. will look or sound like when they are finished – starting with the promo trailer which we are working on currently and which we will publish in the Sneak Peek in the very near future!

Stay tuned and keep watching the skies!

The Iron Sky Team

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14 Responses to “The New Iron Sky Sneak Peek is Out – Come Visit The Moon Studio!”

  1. Jaap says:

    Excellent! I’ve already seen the -full- trailer and the humor is very dry!
    The humor is indeed in ‘Strangelove’ style, people say ‘obvious’ things that are so obvious it becomes enourmously funny. It’s not ‘joking’, it’s ‘witty’. I like that!

    And yeah, Udo Kier, a nice guy, can be really bad-ass on camera… Look at that screenshot… What an autority!

  2. Web20 says:

    I clicked about 100 times on the play button on the trailer window … I even pushed with my finger on the screen, but nothing happend :(

  3. Jaap says:

    I can say he loads his luger. (I know it’s obvious, but hereby I confirm it ;)

  4. Wreckfan says:

    Looks like some pieces of new trailer are in this news video

  5. Jaap says:

    Yes, but the full trailer is what you should see!

  6. tonkatsu says:

    i already saw the full trailer yesterday on austrian tv, awesome stuff ^^

  7. Web20 says:

    Why do they get it before us? Is it because the real Nazi leader came from Austria?

  8. Jaap says:

    Well, if a TV show has Iron Sky/Götz Otto as one of its subjects and they ask the producer of it for something to show… Well… it’s free publicity and because ORF cuts such (copyrighted) stuff out of the internet version of the broadcast, (which does never happen on Dutch talkshows, AFAIK) it isn’t a big deal to show some not-entirely-finished stuff on TV. (of course people can record it and upload it, but strangely enough there weren’t geeks to do so, apparently ;)

    But if you put that version out in the open on YouTube, it gets blogged and copied all over the way, resulting in that most people don’t see the finished, touched up version.

    But I’ve seen the trailer (and I don’t live in Austria, btw) and it only needed a few tweaks to be ”finished” IMHO. (particulairy the green-screen monitors in the UN conference shots)

  9. Ron DiBerto says:

    Looking forward to seeing Udo Kier in this movie. Udo is a classic actor that has been around for years playing some of the most memorable badasses around. With the exception of in “Spermula”. With Iron Sky i will never look at the moon the same way again. Because you never know what’s out there.

  10. Dodo says:

    Germans will be beaten by Alies and perhaps some beatiful ss girl will fall in love with Cpt America like in 9000 movies filmed before. ZZZzzzz

  11. Toby says:

    I think you might be very slightly missing the point, Dodo.

  12. Elric says:

    I don’t think Dodo missed the point at all, I think Dodo ignored it.

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