Preview the Iron Sky Promotional Trailer on Sneak Peek

March 28th, 2011 by Jarmo Puskala

If you’ve been following us making Iron Sky you know we have a tendency to be a bit perfectionists. That means we want to make sure everything is just right before we release something. This time we decided to try something different and release a work-in-progress version of the promotional trailer of Iron Sky. Of course we can’t completely let go of our perfectionism, so the trailer will only be available to members of Iron Sky Sneak Peek.

Oh, and we published a new episode of Iron Sky Signal, which you can see below!

The video created as a promo for buyers at the Berlinale film festival to give a glimpse of what the live action in the film will look like. It’s missing about 50% of the material that will be in the final trailer – most notably the CGI. We’d love to hear your comments on Sneak Peek how to make it even more awesome. The finished version of the promo trailer will be released at this year’s Cannes International Film Festival.

Originally we promised that Sneak Peek is the place to see the first five minutes of the film as soon as they’re complete. Meanwhile we’ve posted exclusive making of material, but we decided to expanding the service into an experimentation laboratory. We will release other pieces of ‘work in progress’ material in addition to the trailer, and ask for your feedback.

So head over to Iron Sky Sneak Peek at and get an eyeful of our new promotional trailer!

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12 Responses to “Preview the Iron Sky Promotional Trailer on Sneak Peek”

  1. Max says:

    This is so AWESOME!!!

  2. Max says:

    P.S. I am totally spreading the word the best I can :) My best friend is already as much a fan of the movie as I am, he’s currently helping me promote my fan-site, which ends up in promoting the movie as well :) BTW, can you tell me if Iron Sky is gonna come out in theaters in Ukraine?

  3. Pepe says:

    Looks really awesome! You can see it’s still a work in progress, though – some parts seem a little cheesy, i.e the “who are these guys anyway?” -scene. I’d alter it a bit.

    Otherwise, looks great and promising. Looking forward to further developments :)

  4. Olrik says:

    Sorry, I’m not getting this. Where is the trailer you people are watching? Are we supposed to pay to watch a movie trailer? The general tone of the brief clips that were embedded in that Finnish show are sort of making me question my understanding of this movie project, but I guess we will have to wait until we are offered more. Somebody in the Forum linked some goofy Austrian show but I didn’t see any Iron Sky clips. I have a hunch if people are expecting something like Battle L.A. they are going to be disappointed, but I hope I am wrong…

  5. Jaap says:

    The Austrian show (Wilkommen Österreich) cut out the trailer from the web version, in order to prevent any hassle with copyrights etc.

    Btw, just subscribe to Iron Sky Sneak Peak and you get to see the trailer (and a lot more)
    Other way to watch the trailer is by searching somewhere… But that’s unfair! ;)

  6. Olrik: Yeah, if you’re waiting for something like Battle L.A., Independence Day, Armageddon or whatnot, you most definitely will be disappointed; well – maybe not, if you can stand a satiric approach to the given movies. But the trailer we’re all watching is in Sneak Peek – it hasn’t been released yet, it’s out on Sneak Peek to gather comments from a bunch of people, and will be out a bit later, in Cannes this year. Hang on tough there :)

    Max: So far, we’re not sure of Ukrainian theatrical distribution; best way to ensure it is to go and Demand to see Iron Sky in your home city ( We do have good bunch of requests coming from Kiev, but we could use some more – so spreading the word among your friends and people you know in Ukraine is more than welcome!

  7. Max says:

    Timo, thanks for reply. You say it like I didn’t demand Iron Sky already :P I’ve demanded it in my city the day I’ve first saw the trailer and visited official site :) Well, will hope for the best. Otherwise would have to go to your cold country to see it :)

  8. Max: I suspected you had, just wanted to say it aloud :D Besides, It’s not *that* cold here :) (well… actually, it is.)

  9. Ron DiBerto says:

    this movie is going to be awesome. Comedy, Sci-Fi, Nazis. who could ask for anything more. My only hope is that it is picked up for theatrical viewing here in the states.

  10. Yottarat says:

    Hello Timo~

    I`ve been a fan of IS since 2008.Could you tell me if IS will be on in China when it is released?There is a large number of IS fans in China too,we all want to know~

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