Spider-Man Beware! Moon Nazis are invading comics

April 5th, 2011 by pollula

Aaa..choo! Traditional spring flu has arrived! It sucks but it also brings something good with it, like reminder of the fact that summer is approaching Finland. Other thing is all the crazy ideas it reveals when you are feverish and fighting for survival.

Well anyhoo, we are developing Iron Sky prequel comic book here in our fortress and we are going to release it during 2011 in digital format but also as a hard copy collectable. Illustrator of the project is Gerry Kissel who has been working with projects like A-Team and Army of Two. All three episodes will be written by Mikko Rautalahti who is the guy behind the script of Alan Wake Xbox 360 game.

And now comes the fun part. You can have your face immortalized into the Iron Sky comics! There’s lot’s of evil Nazis going around the pages and we need to have faces for them.

Here’s how to apply:

We need to have following pictures:

  • Take straight on, profile and 3/4 profile.
  • If you want, you can make faces too;
  • Angry
  • Shout
  • Laugh
  • Smile
  • Something


Like this. Click to see all.

More pictures we have ensures characters look just like you. And remember it needs to be you in the pictures.

Send one file with all your pictures in it to pekka@ironsky.net
if you get selected we will send you our permission agreement that you have to sign in order to get your face in Iron Sky comic book(s).

Unfortunately we cannot promise that all of you are going to fit in the comics but to thank you for supporting the war effort, I’ll give you the first page of Iron Sky comic, enjoy!

Click for Full Size


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19 Responses to “Spider-Man Beware! Moon Nazis are invading comics”

  1. Guillermo says:

    can I send a *.rar with my pictures?

  2. pollula says:

    Yes, or you can upload those to server as well.

  3. wladek says:

    and when’s the deadline? We need to prepare accordingly ;)

  4. pollula says:

    Asap like always :)

  5. Aki says:


  6. James says:

    I just sent my photos, I hope I get chosen

  7. Steiner says:

    Asap = As soon as possible :P

  8. Fritz says:

    If my face can help support the war effort im game!
    Pictures are sent!

  9. All pictures can be used if required

  10. Martin says:

    What a great Idea! Pics sent – hope i don’t put you off your lunch…

  11. Armin says:

    Hell yeah… Sent in yesternight!!! WOOOHOOOO… Being a portrait for an evil nazi trooper! XD

  12. Ron DiBerto says:

    Just sent out my pics to see if there is any chance to part of Iron Sky History.

    “Remember too watch the skies.”

  13. Rich NY says:

    Looks like a very interesting project. German WWII is a bit of obsessive hobby of mine.. if you need any type of consulting with certain things let me know. Knowledge and books abound!!Grandfather flew Stukas for the Luftwaffe, a good friend of mine drove a Tiger tank in the war, my step father was a Hanomag251 driver(captured by the Russians). Will be sending pics this weekend.

    (dieterund dieter) on FB

  14. Hi guys. Artist Gerry Kissell here. I am now going through all your lovely photos, and will — over the weekend — cast a few of you guys for the Iron Sky Book One prequel comic. Artists Amin Amat and Anders Backlund will be also be shopping through your faces for books two and three, which they will be illustrating.

  15. Max says:

    Damn it, I didn’t log here for some time, and this was the most interesting time :( I will send my photos tonight, hope it’s still not too late! Great idea, guys! You are definitely changing the film industry for the better!

  16. Philipp says:

    I hope its not to late too! I send my pictures today/tomorrow :O

  17. Phritzz says:

    How’s it going? Long time no updates! :)

  18. Tuomas Virtanen says:

    Still ongoing project?

  19. James says:

    How is the comic coming along?