Iron Sky T-shirts for women – which one do you prefer? » Shirts


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10 Responses to “Shirts”

  1. Mika Hämäläinen says:

    #2 Walkür

  2. Pierre says:

    1 “The attack”

  3. Katharina says:

    Nr. 1: “The Attack”!

  4. AA says:

    Love 2, 3 is good, 4 looks like those bad 90′s wolf howling at the moon shirts.

  5. AA says:

    whoops, meant to say 1 is not so great. :} Serves me right for being negative!

    Still love #2 (:

  6. Martin says:

    Number 2 is missing an “E”: “Walküre”

  7. Hammer says:

    I like all three designs. But there should be seven. One for every day of the week. If you wear one to work more than two days in a row, your colleagues will question your hygenics.

  8. Christopher says:

    Number 1 “Attack” T-Shirt is the Best but it needs the Film Name on the front somewhere (not so big as to ruin the picture though). I hope men can wear hese shirts as well. I’m an XL.

  9. Amanda says:

    Number 3 – The Eagle. I’d love one of these!

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