Director’s Diary: Having a chat with the Editor.

April 26th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

As we’re starting the last week of the editing for Iron Sky before quite an extensive break, I wanted to have a quick chat with Suresh Ayyar, the editor of Iron Sky, about how he feels the process has been going so far. Next up, we’ll be screening the film on Wednesday to several key financiers of Iron Sky, like Finnish Film Foundation and YLE, and based on the feedback, we have two more days to fix what there is to fix – and then, it’s time us to raise the hands and lay low for few months.

The editing of Iron Sky continues in September, when we have more CGI in place, and we can finalize what we started. It’s also good to have a clear break in watching the edit; you get quite blind to it after a while, and a fresh look after few months is definitely going to point out a bunch of apparent errors we still are able to fix.

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