A quick update and Director’s Diary

May 25th, 2011 by Timo Vuorensola

Hi there sexy people.

I thought it’d be a time for a brief update. I know we were a bit silent during Cannes, I was hoping to push out daily Director’s Diaries, but the rush was unbelievable out there, and internet connection was so annoying that no matter what I did, I couldn’t update episodes. But now that I’m back in Finland, here’s a new one, but no more from boring Cannes – really, what’s there to see – but from the work place of the real men - Energia Offices, Tampere. I love visiting this joint. It may not look like much, but when you enter and walk through the main hallway, everywhere around you small bits and pieces of the movie are coming together and a lot of extremely focused faces working on programs I have no idea what they do… It has a very specific vibe. So it’s good to be back in Finland.

Coming up in the following months: Laibach has just started to work on the music for Iron Sky. I’m excited to see how that process goes, and will be visiting Slovenia next month to get the first feel and vibe of the things to come. Who is Laibach, some of you may ask? Well, let me tell you – Laibach is a legendary Slovenian band that has done a lot of very interesting music ever since 80′s, and they will be doing the score for Iron Sky, with Ben Watkins – also known as the man behind Juno Reactor. So we are in great… no, awesome hands, I might say so.

This is Laibach:


On another front, we’ve finished the first round of editing of the film. There’s a lot to be done, and that’s what Energia is doing now – creating the CGI, filling those black screens and creating backgrounds for the green ones. It takes an office full of really devoted artists to accomplish this, and by devotion I mean that some folk even sleep here at Energia office when things get really rough and deadlines are creeping in.

Cannes went very very very well. We had some very interesting discussions regarding the release of the film, and our sales company Stealth was working hard getting the film out there to respond to the Demand for Iron Sky. Also Udo Kier and Julia Dietze came by our office, and it’s always nice to see them. One could listen to Udo’s stories for hours, and Julia – being a force of nature more than a human being – always brightens the day. It was also interesting to see how strong was Cannes’ reaction to Lars von Trier‘s not-so-good-try-at-irony that fell very much flat in the press conference. Udo was – being an important actor and also playing a part in Melancholia – interviewed regarding Lars’ Nazi talks, and he remembered to mention Iron Sky quite prominently in the talks. So some free press for us :)

I’ve been sitting here at Energia for the last 3 days. We’ve been going through the film shot-by-shot, determining in great detail on what kind of special effects we will add. Whether it’s just something small for background, or a big full-cgi shot. Now that the film has been edited (at least for now), it’s easier to see what we need. And at the same time, easy to see what we could lose.

We’ll be working hard on the film, and I’ll be reporting back to you as soon as possible!

Stay sexy, lunatics!

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22 Responses to “A quick update and Director’s Diary”

  1. BTW. This was post number 700 on our blog! We talk a lot.

  2. TheMikaelT says:

    I just can’t wait for the making of documentary. At the end you will probably see Samuli on the edge of breakdown for not sleeping in weeks. I have a vague memory of seeing that before! :)

  3. Also with all these new computers, Samuli’s dream of having a sauna at work will finally come true. Specially if it is as warm as last summer.

  4. Jaap says:

    A breakdown with big galactic CGI explosions? ;) (you’re talking about Samuli after a all :P)

    I’m impressed by the render nodes!
    Hiring office space for about 20 VFX artists is one thing, but then… you need to put up those render workhorses somewhere…
    How warm is it at Energia as we speak?

    Do you have a shower for when the guys get a little sweaty?

    Keep up the good work, guys! (and girls, if they apply)

  5. Paul Lenkic says:

    Please tell me that you will release a soundtrack album of Liabach’s music!

  6. Paul Lenkic says:


  7. Dear Timo,
    Retuning back from Cannes, it´s always nice to hear from you. Stay strong.
    Sincerely Your actor, Ramin

  8. It’s not that hot in here, actually. It’s nice and cool outside so we can keep the office bearable. But I fear the nice summer days.

    We did have a AC company rep over earlier today, but we’ll have to see if it’s possible to build something here. This is quite an old building.

  9. Jaap says:

    How many render nodes do you have at the moment? The video is a bit too blurry to see it properly…

  10. Paul Spresser says:

    When are you going to release the movie??? Its been years.

  11. We’ll do a special signal about the tech later on when everything is set up.

    I just did a count and there are some 50 computers in the office with something in the order of 200 cpu cores. About half of them are dedicated render nodes. But don’t quote me on that, I might be gravely mistaken, the tech guys know this stuff, I just count the boxes :)
    And the release date for the film is 4.4.2012.

  12. Joona says:

    Hey, I used to sleep at the office, too if deadline went overtime. Still they fired me.

  13. Kalle M says:


    Why not render in the cloud? What the hell you guys are doing with that Hardware after the rendering…? Render another film…(Hardware is too old by then)? Or maybe search for Nazis from the space background noise for real? ;)

  14. marco m says:

    I have faith that this is going to be a success. I have always been putting the teasers on my facebook. told a few reality stars about it. (jeresey shore/jerseylicious) and if i may suggest that teaming up with TODD McFARLANE about toys? he is very known for the spawn series and have toy figures that are very cool. all i know that if i saw some crazy space nazi toy, id buy it.

  15. Maybe y’all can find a cheap air-conditioning solution here:


  16. pekka says:

    Did you at any point consider crowdsourcing the rendering task, i.e., SETI@home like solution? I’ll bet plenty of people would be eager to donate cpu cycles to your project. Or perhaps there isn’t suitable software readily available and it would be to expensive to implement?

  17. Jaap says:

    First you got to deal with Mental Ray licenses (that’s the renderer Energia uses) and with spoilers/copyright, since material/content/whatever gets out of the controlled environment of the production companies.
    Plus… What about the loads of data? Many gigabytes of assets, textures etc. etc. and big EXR files that need to get back to Tampere…
    And this isn’t even a complete list of issues…

    Long story short: Nice for small Blender projects, but not really usuable for multi-million $$$ features using properitary software.
    But I really hope it will get useful for this purpose, but for now an own renderfarm is the way to go.

  18. Ryan Walsh says:

    Laibach. They believe in Some Tyrant will come and rule the world with one final blow. There music is like prophecy

  19. Ryan Walsh says:

    And all the people will say you found me?

  20. Jan says:

    No-ome´s taling about Laibach here? These are great news!!!

  21. Jan says:


  22. Eduardo Vargas says:

    Laibach is awesome, I listen to their songs in my way to work everyday, Ironsky is gonna be the 2012 event of the year, I cant wait for this movie, keep the good work and good luck!.