Hello from VFX land!

June 23rd, 2011 by kat

Hi there everyone in Iron Sky FanLand!

My name is Kelly “Kat” Myers and I just wanted to stop in quickly here and let you know that the LightWave3D VFX team working on Iron Sky behind the scenes (computer screens really) really appreciate all of the fan support and to be able to work with such a great team here in Tampere.

I have been blogging about our experience thus far over the last 30 days or so of being here in Finland. You can find out more at www.liberty3d.com and I will be doing regular blog posts here as well.

Stay tuned for more details!

Kelly “Kat” Myers
LightWave3D VFX Team CG Supervisor
Iron Sky | Energia Productions

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3 Responses to “Hello from VFX land!”

  1. Jaap says:

    I’ve been follwing your blog for a about two weeks now, it’s interesting to read what you’re up to, how little sleep you get, how Lightwave pulls off things faster than Maya etc.

    Can’t wait for more!

  2. Joona says:

    Cool to have a BSG artist on board. You gots a fan, LOLkat. Too bad I’m a traditional 2D artist and graphic designer on the print side. Not much work for us old school fossils anymore.

  3. Ian Brock says:

    Man oh man first time i have heard about this move and im already entertained , nazis in space classic.

    After releasing this movie you should consider making a pc game of it also , it has all the making of some really entertaining stuff!!!

    Good luck on production and hoping to see it in seatle in the near future.